• Elder Scrolls Online,  Gyllerah Playthrough

    In Which Gyllerah Hunts for Antiquities, Time Breaches, and Materials

    This is a multi-session post, covering five total sessions, none of which had any major plot action in them. So I’m glomming them together into one big post, just to clear my queue.

    Main activity in all of these sessions here was exploring all over the place. I hunted for antiquities, time breaches, and survey materials. Main locations hit: Blackwood, Alik’r Desert, Stormhaven, Bangkorai, Craglorn.

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Gyllerah Playthrough

    In Which Gyllerah Has Quite a Few Adventures

    This is a single session post, which has turned out to be less common for Gyllerah’s playthrough. But I had enough action happen in this session that a single post is warranted!

    I scried for antiquities and successfully found a couple. I visited the Alik’r Desert for the first time. I boinged to Auridon to find out why someone at the Mages Guild wanted to see me, and then started the Mages Guild plot and the main plot in Auridon about stopping an assassination attempt on the Queen. And I visited the realm of Sheogorath! Whew. That’s a lot.