2021 was the year I became a Skyrim player. I’d long known about the game. My household has always been a gaming household, and both my wife and our housemate played Skyrim multiple times on the various consoles we own when it originally came out: XBOX, PS3, PS4, and even VR.

Up until 2021 though I had never been a console player. I much prefer playing games on my own computer, or on my mobile devices. In 2021, though, I finally got a Nintendo Switch.

And that gave me the opportunity to finally play Skyrim for myself. I jumped into it wholeheartedly, blazing through multiple playthroughs. This entertained friends on social media sites who’d played Skyrim before, encouraging several of them to pick up playing again, and a couple other folks who’d never played before to start playing as well.

This site, a subsection of my primary annathepiper.org site, is the landing page for all my Skyrim adventures, rounded up in one place–and as of August 2022, other adventures in the Elder Scrolls games as well. It’s dedicated to all my online friends who’ve been entertained by these adventures!

All the Playthroughs

Browse the site menu for the various games’ playthroughs. Each main game menu item goes off to a landing page for that game, and underneath each of those menus, you can find the links for individual playthrough pages, or individual screenshots for those playthroughs.

And just in case it wasn’t obvious: as a playthrough blog, this site is CHOCK FULL OF SPOILERS for Elder Scrolls Games as well as several major Skyrim mods. Be advised when reading my posts.

Under the Posts menu, you can find a couple of categories for commentary not specifically related to a game, such as for modding, setting up my Steam Deck for playing, etc.

Tag Cloud

I tag all my posts based on locations visited in each session, but now that I have multiple playthroughs going in multiple games, my default tag cloud has gotten rather enormous. So you can find individual tag clouds for the various games on their landing pages. Here, you can find tags not specific to any given game.

A list of other TES-related links of interest can be found on my Elder Scrolls Links page.