Tembriel Playthrough

Playthrough Info
Game Morrowind
Race Bosmer
Playthrough Dates August 2022, in progress
Platform PC, Steam Deck
Language English

This page is for my first Morrowind playthrough, begun on 8/7/2022, mostly by way of casually poking around the game to see if I could start learning a bit about it before diving into it for real. I decided to play a Wood Elf named Tembriel, just to keep the same spirit of how my first Skyrim character had also been a Wood Elf!

Goals for this playthrough: real simple. This is my first Morrowind playthrough, and while I know the broad strokes of the plot, I don’t know the details of how to get there or much about the mechanics of the game. So I’m going in with the assumption that I’m going to try to play the same character type I like the most in Skyrim: somebody inclined to archery, stealth, and magic. We’ll see what happens!

Like my Skyrim character Alarrah, Tembriel is named for a character in my Rebels of Adalonia books, Valor of the HealerVengeance of the Hunter, and Victory of the Hawk.

Tembriel’s Backstory

I am extremely new to Morrowind, and I’ve been deliberately avoiding trying to read up too much on the UESP wiki, to try to preserve some element of surprise! But what I can piece together about this character’s background comes at least right out of the introduction text that shows up at the start of the game: I’m “a prisoner born on a certain day to uncertain parents”. (I shall ignore the part where the introduction text also says I’m a “he”.)

And Tembriel’s transferred without explanation to a carriage and then a boat, and sent to Morrowind. So this says she clearly did something to piss off the Empire and get myself thrown into prison! She’s a Bosmer, and young and foolish, so let’s say she probably got caught trying to pull off a little light thievery.

So now she’s been sent off to Morrowind and not told a goddamn thing about why she’s there. And they’re releasing her here? Da hell? Well, probably beats being in prison…?

Playthrough Posts

Here are all of Tembriel’s playthrough posts! These are listed in descending chronological order. Note the pagination controls; you can use those to page through to subsequent posts.

You can also browse Tembriel’s posts via her playthrough category link.

  • In Which Tembriel Tries to Decide What to Do Next - 06/01/2023
    In which Tembriel discovers a talking mudcrab merchant; checks on the status of the stronghold House Hlaalu is building for her; and does some light work for the Fighters Guild.
  • In Which Tembriel is Infected With and Cured of the Divine Disease - 05/11/2023
    In which Tembriel wipes out the Sixth House base at Ilunibi, but is cursed with corprus by Dagoth Gares as she slays him; ventures to Tel Fyr in search of a cure, and meets the last of the Dwemer; is successfully cured of the disease and returns to Balmora; and learns that she is to replace Caius Cosades as head of the Blades on Vvardenfell.
  • In Which Tembriel Sees Some Men About a Stronghold - 04/18/2023
    In which Tembriel gains the deed and contract she needs to found a stronghold with House Hlaalu; and in which she proceeds to Gnaar Mok in search of the Sixth House base that Caius of the Blades has charged her to take down.
  • In Which Tembriel Gets the Rest of Her Glass Armor - 01/16/2023
    In which Tembriel slays a problematic hunger at the Sarano Ancestral Tomb, and a problematic bandit leader at Sargon; and in which she finishes acquiring a full set of glass armor.
  • In Which Tembriel Gets Glass Armor - 12/28/2022
    In which Tembriel gathers money to outfit herself in the glass armor for sale in Ghostgate, by selling some of the fine items she acquired in the Burial Caverns, and then providing aid to the Mages Guild in Sadrith Mora.


Tembriel’s screenshot album can be found on the Tembriel Screenshots page.