Ganniwer Playthrough

Playthrough Info
Game Oblivion
Race Bosmer
Playthrough Dates January 2023, in progress
Platform Steam Deck
Language English

This page is for my first Oblivion playthrough, begun on 1/16/2023, motivated by the Skyblivion team finally dropping a release preview trailer and a release date for their mod! I decided to play a Wood Elf named Ganniwer, just to keep the same spirit of how my first Skyrim character had also been a Wood Elf.

Goals for this playthrough: real simple. This is my first Oblivion playthrough, and while I know the broad strokes of the plot, I don’t know the details of how to get there or much about the mechanics of the game. So I’m going in with the assumption that I’m going to try to play the same character type I like the most in Skyrim: somebody inclined to archery, stealth, and magic. We’ll see what happens!

Like my Morrowind character Tembriel, Ganniwer is named for a character in my Rebels of Adalonia books, Valor of the HealerVengeance of the Hunter, and Victory of the Hawk.

Ganniwer’s Backstory

The big important thing about Ganniwer’s backstory: I have decided that since Oblivion takes place six years after Morrowind, Ganniwer is the younger sister of my Morrowind character Tembriel.

I figure this would work well since they’re both young blonde Bosmer girls, from no family of consequence. And as of when Tembriel was arrested and then sent to Morrowind, Ganniwer had no other family in the world. She’s taken to learning stealth tricks to survive, and she’s determined to eventually be reunited with her sister if she has to search all of Tamriel to do it.

Her problem: once she got wind of strange rumors about a Bosmer who might have turned out to be a prophesied hero in Morrowind, Ganniwer became desperate to find out more. She wasn’t nearly as stealthy as she should have been, raising questions about Tembriel’s fate, and trying to uncover the truth of whether Tembriel was sent away by the Emperor himself.

She pissed off the wrong people, who decided that imprisoning an increasingly bothersome young thief before she started publicly speaking out against the Emperor was the best course of action. And wound up, like her sister before her, in jail.

Little did she know that the Emperor himself was about to cross her path, and that her sister Tembriel wasn’t the only one of their family destined to make a name in Tamriel…

Playthrough Posts

Here are all of Ganniwer’s playthrough posts! These are listed in descending chronological order. Note the pagination controls; you can use those to page through to subsequent posts.

You can also browse Ganniwer’s posts via her playthrough category link.

  • In Which Ganniwer Does Battle in the Imperial City Arena - 11/27/2023
    In which Ganniwer defeats a string of opponents in the Arena of the Imperial City, and rises rapidly through the ranks of the Blue Team.
  • In Which Ganniwer Joins the Arena - 05/23/2023
    In which Ganniwer helps a town lift a magic spell that made them all invisible; acquires armor for her horse; has visions of herself fighting and dying as she tries to save Kvatch and Martin Septim from Daedric attacks; and joins the Arena in the Imperial City.
  • In Which Ganniwer Solves a Merchant Problem - 03/14/2023
    In which Ganniwer arrives in the Imperial City, and is drawn into resolving a merchant dispute that results in confrontation with a grave robber.
  • In Which Ganniwer Tracks Down Weynon Priory - 01/27/2023
    In which Ganniwer, newly escaped from the Imperial prison, makes her way to Weynon Priory, presents the Amulet of Kings to Jauffre, and gets assistance from the monks there.
  • In Which Ganniwer Witnesses the Death of the Emperor - 01/16/2023
    In which the Bosmer prisoner Ganniwer receives a surprise escape opportunity when no less than the Emperor himself shows up in her cell, escorted by Blades trying to hasten him out of the palace; receives the Amulet of Kings, and the Emperor's order to take it to the one who can get it to his last surviving son; witnesses the Emperor's assassination; and escapes out into the world to try to find a way to follow the Emperor's final wish.


Ganniwer’s screenshot album can be found on the Ganniwer Screenshots page.