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    Shell script to copy addon files off my Steam Deck

    After all the primary housekeeping I did in Desktop Mode on my new Steam Deck, there was one more problem I wanted to solve: a better way to copy the SavedVariables directory files off the Deck and into the equivalent folder on my MacBook.

    For those of you who don’t play Elder Scrolls Online, or who do play but don’t play with addons, the SavedVariables directory is one of the directories underneath ESO’s standard install location. On my Mac, ESO gets plunked into the Documents directory, so it’s very easy to find. In that directory is a subdirectory called “live”, and underneath that is “SavedVariables”.

    The SavedVariables directory is where a bunch of user-specific stuff gets saved for how you’ve configured your game. Including any specific setups you’ve done for any addons you’re running.

    Since I typically play on Steam Deck the majority of the time but also semi-regularly play on computer, I wanted a way to keep the SavedVariables directories in both places in sync.

  • Finds-The-Way Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Finds-The-Way Faces Alduin and Wrecks a Wedding

    My final Skyrim catchup post for the month of January swings me back around to Finds-The-Way’s playthrough! This session has Finds finally having her first meeting with Hermaeus Mora and her first crack at Alduin on the Throat of the World, but it also moves the Dark Brotherhood plot along considerably. Took out some contracts! Discovered Amaund Motierre’s big plan! Really screwed over a wedding in Solitude! And squared off against Cicero in Dawnstar! And got herself a nifty (probably) Daedric horse!

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    Additional housekeeping on the new Steam Deck

    One more post I want to make about the new Steam Deck I’ve acquired: what I’m setting up on it besides the actual games. Because I am the kind of nerd who digs into the Desktop mode on this thing, to take advantage of it being a handheld computer in addition to a gaming console.

    Here are the goals I wanted to accomplish on it:

    1. Making it possible to access the device from my computer, both via the command line and via a VNC connection
    2. Making it accessible not only by an IP address assigned to it from our house DHCP server, but also via its hostname
    3. Making arrangements to have any installations I did persist through the next time Valve does an OS update on it
    4. Implementing a backup solution, to account for the same critical files I pulled off of its predecessor

    Deets on what I’ve done tonight behind the fold.

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    Getting up and running on the new Steam Deck

    As I reported in my previous post, I got a surprise new Steam Deck when my original one decided its battery was going to turn into a spicy danger pillow! So over the last day or so, I’ve been working on setting up the new device with all the games and playthroughs I had active on the previous one.

    This post is about that, and about my overall impressions of this new Deck in general. It’s an OLED model, and yeah, there are some distinct differences between it and its predecessor.

    This is not going to be a full review post. If you want an in-depth review of the OLED Steam Deck, there are plenty to choose from all over the web. As I’m a regular follower of Ars Technica, I’ll commend their review in particular to you.

    What I want to talk about here instead are my overall personal impressions, what I’ve noticed so far that’s different from my original Deck, and what I had to do to get all my previous games and playthroughs back up and running.

    Deets behind the fold. This’ll be a long post.

  • Kendeshel Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Kendeshel Destroys the Dark Brotherhood and Excavates at Rkund

    Back around to Kendeshel’s run in Skyrim. This is her last session from January, and I have two more sessions of hers after this one before I’m caught up.

    In this one, main action is assorted side stuff from Anniversary Edition content; destroying the Dark Brotherhood, but picking up an extra side quest as a result of that, courtesy of Legacy of the Dragonborn; running Darklight Tower; and also, running the expedition at Rkund, significant Legacy content. Obviously, lots of spoilers here for the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod.