Gyllerah Playthrough

Playthrough Info
Game Elder Scrolls Online
Race High Elf
Class Templar
Playthrough Dates September 2022
Platform Steam Deck

This is the page for my first Elder Scrolls Online playthrough, for the character Gyllerah of the High Elves.

I began this playthrough in September 2022, not long after acquiring my Steam Deck, which turns out to be the one thing I have that can actually run ESO.

Gyllerah is also my first official High Elf alt, and named after an elf character created in the backstory history for my Rebels of Adalonia series.

Gyllerah’s Backstory

TBD! I need to do a bit of research about what the High Elves were doing during the Second Era, so I can get a sense of what Gyllerah herself might have been doing as a budding Templar.

Playthrough Posts

Here are all the posts about Gyllerah’s playthrough! These are dynamically updated, so a new post should appear here when it goes up. They’re listed in descending date order, so the newest posts should always appear first. Also, note the pagination controls after the first five posts. You can page through to see the older ones.

  • In Which Gyllerah Hunts for Antiquities, Time Breaches, and Materials - 11/24/2022
    In which Gyllerah journeys the land, searching for time breaches, antiquities, and crafting materials; and in which she gets K'sragi's help to explore Craglorn, only to find the countryside there rife with atronachs.
  • In Which Gyllerah Takes Back the Crystal Tower - 11/22/2022
    In which Gyllerah and K'sragi team up with Darien Gautier and Leythen to take back the Crystal Tower from Nocturnal, and by extension, save the world.
  • In Which Gyllerah Has Quite a Few Adventures - 11/20/2022
    In which Gyllerah quests through the Alik'r Desert in search of crafting materials; through Ondil on Auridon for rare tomes for the Mages Guild; into the Shivering Isles to confront Sheogorath over yet more rare tomes; and in Vukhel Guard, where she discovers signs of an assassination plot against Queen Ayrenn.
  • In Which Gyllerah Becomes an Antiquarian and Stops a Necromancer - 11/18/2022
    In which Gyllerah joins the Antiquarian's Circle in Solitude; hunts for crafting materials in Hjaalmarch, the Rift, and Greenshade; and in which she stops a necromancer from ascending to lichdom at Lost Prospect Mine.
  • In Which Gyllerah Visits Blackwood, and Also Fights the Schemes of Nocturnal - 11/14/2022
    In which Gyllerah visits Blackwood; and in which she and K'sragi witness the death of Ritemaster Iachesis and must work with Darien, Leythen, the Psijics, and Razum-dar to gain the help of Clavicus Vile and Mephala against the schemes of Nocturnal.


Gyllerah’s screenshot galleries can be found on the Gyllerah Screenshots page.