Minor mod problem with Bards College mod

I’m running the Bards College Reborn/Student of Song Bards College overhaul mod, and am mostly loving it immensely!

But I ran into one minor problem with it, and I’m documenting this here for purposes of linking off to this post from the question I’m putting up on Nexus about this.

Problem: the three History of Skyrim volumes given to the player by Malukah Hope-Singer, as well as the three Drum volumes, do not appear to visually render when you put them on bookshelves. This is a total of six books, and if I happen to use them to help fill a shelf that takes eleven books, then the shelf appears to be half empty.

I do not repro this with other books in the same mod, like the Flute or Lute books, the Bard College Timetable, or the one songbook I’ve purchased so far, Songbook: Songs of Cyrodiil. Those books are rendering correctly on shelves (for values of “correctly” meaning the typical Skyrim behavior of “may fall over at angles if there aren’t enough books on the shelf already”).

I’ve tested this so far on the following bookshelves:

  1. The ones on the upper floor of Proudspire Manor, both in the bedroom proper and the ones out in the room immediately next to it, all of which are the two-shelf type of bookshelf that can take 11 books per shelf
  2. The short bookshelf and the tall bookshelf in the Library wing I built at Windstad Manor, also 11-book shelves
  3. The wider bookshelf at the back of the upper floor of Windstad, which can take 18 books

To the best of my knowledge, I’m not running any mod that directly impacts bookshelves. And so far, these specific books are the only ones I’ve seen impacted.

I do see the books listed if I actually activate the shelf, so I can pull them off the shelf again if I want them. This doesn’t appear to be a matter of the books actually vanishing. They’re just not visible when I’m looking at the shelf without activating it.

Could it be possible that those specific books might be missing some kind of asset for rendering on shelves that the other books have? Or is whatever script that’s in charge of visually rendering a filled bookshelf somehow missing those specific books?

A few relevant screenshots:

If anyone has recommendations on how I might fix this, let me know. I am comfortable with manipulating the debug console if required.

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