Shenner Playthrough

Playthrough Info
Game Skyrim Anniversary Edition
Race Nord
Playthrough Dates 5/17-11/19/2022
Platform PC, Steam Deck
Language English
Difficulty Adept

This is the page for my sixth Skyrim playthrough, for the character Shenner of the Nords, played more or less concurrently with the playthrough for Faanshi of the Khajiit.

I began this playthrough not long after starting to play Faanshi. And unlike all my previous playthroughs, the main difference here is that it didn’t start on the Nintendo Switch. I got Skyrim running on my old PC, an HP Elitebook that dates back to 2012 and which has an Intel HD 4000 graphics card in it.

The game is barely playable on this box, playable enough that I proceeded with Shenner’s playthrough, and documented what challenges I’m finding with that in conjunction with the opportunity to finally use mods and run the Anniversary Edition!

But happily, I then acquired a Steam Deck, as well as my new M1 Mac, with a Windows 11 VM on it, and I used those to continue Shenner’s playthrough to completion.

Shenner was also my first Nord alt, and named after a character I played for a few years on Star Wars MUSH. That character was a brash redhead, which I tried to recreate with this version.

Shenner’s Backstory

Pretty bare-boned backstory overall, since when I started Shenner, I didn’t expect to get far with her.

Her rough backstory, though, was this. She had a sister who went to Cyrodiil to get married, and Shenner journeyed down there for the wedding. But she was extremely dubious about her sister’s husband, and all the more so as she discovered the man was an abusive asshat. She publicly confronted him, and by “confronted”, I mean, “damn near killed him in public for daring to lay a hand on her sister.”

Shenner was called off, however, by her sister. And only then did she learn that her sister had ambitions to raise her social station, and was absolutely using her husband as a stepping stone on her way up out of their family’s prior rural existence in Skyrim.

Rejected by her sister, Shenner angrily set out to return home–only to be captured at the border and accused of killing her sister’s husband. Little did she know that her sister had in fact killed the guy, and spread the word that Shenner had done it instead, as the most likely suspect.

Playthrough Posts

Here are all the posts about Shenner’s playthrough! These are dynamically updated, so a new post should appear here when it goes up. They’re listed in descending date order, so the newest posts should always appear first. Also, note the pagination controls after the first five posts. You can page through to see the older ones.

  • Final Thoughts on Shenner’s Skyrim Run - 11/20/2022
    Final thoughts writeup for Shenner's playthrough, which officially concludes her run! Includes videos of her skills and stats.
  • In Which Shenner Slays Alduin the World-Eater - 11/20/2022
    In which Shenner confronts Alduin on the Throat of the World; arranges a peace conference at High Hrothgar; traps the dragon Odahviing at Dragonsreach; flies to Skuldafn, and fights her way to the portal to Sovngarde; and defeats Alduin the World-Eater to save the world.
  • In Which Shenner Acquires Auriel’s Bow and Slays Lord Harkon - 11/17/2022
    In which Shenner acquires Auriel's Bow from the Forgotten Vale, and slays the vampire Vyrthur; invades Castle Volkihar with the Dawnguard; slays the vampire lord Harkon; and brings word to Valerica that she is free to emerge from the Soul Cairn.
  • In Which Shenner Heads to the Forgotten Vale - 11/03/2022
    In which Shenner recovers another schematic from Bilegulch Mine; quests through Darkfall Cave and Darkfall Passage; and reaches the Forgotten Vale in search of Auriel's Bow.
  • In Which Shenner Goes Adventuring for the Dawnguard - 10/30/2022
    In which Shenner saves Florentius from Ruunvald; gathers schematics for Sorine; retrieves another Elder Scroll from the Soul Cairn, and Serana's mother Valerica; and visits Ancestor Glade to learn the location of Auriel's Bow.


Shenner’s screenshot galleries can be found on the Shenner Screenshots page.