Harrowhark Playthrough

Playthrough Info
Game Skyrim Anniversary Edition
Race Imperial
Playthrough Dates Started 11/19/2022, in progress
Platform PC, Steam Deck
Language English
Difficulty Adept

This is the page for my seventh Skyrim playthrough, for the character Harrowhark, renegade Imperial, necromancer, and future vampire and assassin.

I began this playthrough on 11/19/2022, and it will alternate between my Win11 VM on my M1 MacBook Pro, and my Steam Deck. This is also my first Skyrim playthrough to use a full set of mods (as opposed to just the USSEP, which is what I had with Shenner).

A writeup of all the mods I’m using in this playthrough can be found here.

As with Shenner’s playthrough, this one is using the Anniversary Edition.

Harrowhark breaks my personal character naming scheme of “characters who appear in books I’ve written, whether or not those books are released”. Instead, she is named after Harrowhark Nonagesimus in Tamsyn Muir’s splendid Locked Tomb series. And as with that character in those books, I will frequently be referring to this character as Harrow for short.

Harrowhark’s Backstory

This is kind of the part where I regret forgetting to install Alternate Start – Live Another Life before starting Harrow’s playthrough, because starting her off as a vampire out of the gate would have been an excellent excuse for her to be arrested and sent to Helgen.

I decided instead that she’ll have fought off a rape attempt. And that she killed the guy–only, in blind fury, raised him. Just so that she could stab him again.

And she got caught doing that. Given that necromancy is extremely frowned upon in most of Tamriel, that is what got her sent to Helgen for execution.

She is carrying a massive grudge about this, because she is under no circumstances sorry that she killed the guy, or that she raised him. Because he absolutely deserved being stabbed twice.

This is likely to drive her into joining the Dark Brotherhood, not to mention learning more about how to control her necromancy. And it will probably also make her willing to accept being a vampire once it happens to her.

Playthrough Posts

Here are all the posts about Harrowhark’s playthrough! These are dynamically updated, so a new post should appear here when it goes up. They’re listed in descending date order, so the newest posts should always appear first. Also, note the pagination controls after the first five posts. You can page through to see the older ones.

  • In Which Harrowhark is Inducted as a Bard, Then Goes After Mercer Frey - 03/18/2023
    In which Harrowhark concludes her bard studies, recovers King Olaf's verse, and is inducted as a full bard in the college; slays the dragon Nahagliiv; recovers lost instruments for the Bards College; returns a lexicon to Avanchnzel; and ventures into Irkngthand in search of the treacherous Mercer Frey.
  • In Which Harrowhark Becomes Thane of Haafingar - 03/12/2023
    In which Harrowhark continues musical studies at the Bards College; recovers the Ancestral Sword of Clan Ice-Blade, and gains the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal; wins the Wabbajack by answering a challenge from Sheogorath; destroys the spirit of Potema before she can escape her catacombs; investigates signs of a resurgence of the Mythic Dawn; and becomes thane in Solitude and buys Proudspire Manor.
  • In Which Harrowhark Acquires Mehrunes’ Razor and Joins the Bards College - 03/07/2023
    In which Harrowhark acquires Gauldur's Amulet and Mehrunes' Razor; battles the mad smith Evethra, and learns how to forge amber and madness gear; joins the Bards College in Solitude; agrees to help a madman find his master; disrupts a ritual to summon Potema in Wolfskull Cave; and follows clues from a mysterious stranger to lead her to find a lost sword at Silverdrift Lair.
  • In Which Harrowhark Takes on the Thalmor and Becomes a Nightingale - 03/03/2023
    In which Harrowhark infiltrates the Thalmor Embassy, and causes havoc there; breaks into a Dwemer museum in Markarth; helps Enthir and Karliah translate Gallus's coded journal; reveals Karliah's proof to the Thieves Guild; joins Karliah and Brynjolf in becoming Nightingales; retrieves Esbern from the Ratway; and helps Delphine and Esbern find Alduin's Wall in Sky Haven Temple.
  • In Which Harrowhark Learns of Her Guildmaster’s Treachery - 02/26/2023
    In which Harrowhark helps the Orcs of Largashbur, and acquires the hammer Volendrung; promises a ghost she'll bring him a sword; slays the leader of the Saints bandits, and then the mad conjurer Thoron; and ventures into Snow Veil Sanctum with Mercer Frey, only to learn of his treachery when he confronts Karliah.


Harrowhark’s screenshot galleries can be found on the Harrowhark Screenshots page.