Marwyth Playthrough

Screenshot of Marwyth from the login screen of ESO. She is a Dunmer with short black hair streaked with blue, and odd translucent eyes. She is wearing dark blue and purple leather armor, and is carrying a bow and arrows on her back.
Playthrough Info
Game Elder Scrolls Online
Race Dark Elf
Class Nightblade
Playthrough Dates May 2023, in progress
Platform Steam Deck, macOS

This is the page for my second Elder Scrolls Online playthrough, for the character Marwyth of the Dark Elves.

I began this playthrough in May 2023. As with my Gyllerah playthrough, Marwyth’s run is primarily on the Steam Deck, but with action on the Mac if I want to run group activities with my Guilds, or if I just feel like being on the Mac instead.

Marwyth is not my first Dunmer character, and I was originally going to name her Merawen after the Dunmer I ran in Skyrim. However, somebody had taken that name on ESO already. So I went to Marwyth instead–which means this character is actually named after the same character in my Rebels of Adalonia books that Merawen was named after, since Merawen was that character’s original name, and she was called Marwyth later.

Marwyth is a stealth archer, an archetype I love to play in Skyrim, and one of my main goals with her was to get better with the bow in ESO. This has become Marwyth’s primary weapon. Also, I wanted to learn about the Nightblade class, and as Marwyth has developed, she’s shifted over from a magblade type to a stamblade.

I also do a lot of sneak with her, and shortly after I started her, I was able to buy the Thieves Guild DLC and let her join the Thieves Guild. So sneaking comes in very handy with her.

I was also gifted the Dark Brotherhood DLC, so that is now an option on the table for this character.

Marwyth’s Backstory

TBD. She may also already have a history of being at odds with the law in Morrowind, and possibly a bit of a heretic in regards to worship of the Tribunal.

Playthrough Posts

Here are all the posts about Marwyth’s playthrough! These are dynamically updated, so a new post should appear here when it goes up. They’re listed in descending date order, so the newest posts should always appear first. Also, note the pagination controls after the first five posts. You can page through to see the older ones.

  • In Which Marwyth Saves Sotha Sil and Clockwork City - 06/08/2024
    In which Marwyth brings about the capture of a rogue chancellor in Clockwork City; gains the favor of the Blackfeather Court to recover the Skeleton Key; defeats the Shadow of Sotha Sil, and frees the real Sotha Sil from imprisonment; and is warned by Sotha Sil that the Daedric threat is not over.
  • In Which Marwyth Uncovers Plots in Clockwork City - 06/01/2024
    In which Marwyth accompanies the sorcerer Divayth Fyr into Clockwork City; teams up with other hopefuls to try to win citizenship in the Brass Fortress; discovers a corrupt constable, and puts a stop to his citizenship fraud; and uncovers a shocking revelation about Sotha Sil himself.
  • In Which Marwyth Saves Eastmarch and Discovers a Threat to Clockwork City - 04/22/2024
    In which Marwyth aids a fellow Dunmer in Blackwood, and helps Mirri Elendis rescue her brother; helps the Ebonheart Pact reclaim Skuldafn; vanquishes Fildgor Orcthane and turns him over to Jorunn Skald-King for justice; aids mages under attack by their own shadows; and learns of a threat to the Clockwork City.
  • In Which Marwyth Quests through Eastmarch and Aids a Guild Compatriot - 03/30/2024
    In which Marwyth settles a feud between vampires in Wittestadr in Eastmarch; helps an Argonian Dreamwalker and gains his aid in curing the ailing King Jorunn; frees Jorunn from his enforced dreaming; helps Walks-Softly of the Thieves Guild steal back keepsakes held by a childhood "friend"; and takes on her first heist with the Thieves Guild.
  • In Which Marwyth Gains a Companion and Saves Fort Amol - 03/11/2024
    In which Marwyth aids a lively Khajiit mage on High Isle and gains her companionship; helps a druid investigate volcanic activity on the island; recovers relics and hunts a nix-hound for the Ashlanders on Vvardenfell; aids the Ebonheart Pact in Fort Morvunskar and Fort Amol; and vanquishes slavers at Khartag Point.


Marwyth’s screenshot galleries can be found on the Marwyth Screenshots page.