College of Winterhold Entrance Examinations 4E 122

This is a transcription of a note called “College of Winterhold Entry Examinations 4E 122”, found in Skyrim if you are running the Immersive College of Winterhold mod, and if you are running the Fall of Winterhold quest that mod makes available to you once you become Arch-Mage.

College of Winterhold

Entry Examinations 4E 122

This examination consists of:

A: a two-hour written component. Answer three of five questions provided.

B: a one-hour practical component. Successfully cast one spell from the tomes provided.

Answer three questions:

  1. With specific reference to Irlav Jarol’s treatise “Magic from the Sky”, compare and contrast two opposing theories concerning the source of magicka on Nirn.
  2. Discuss public opinion towards practitioners of magic before and after the Oblivion Crisis.
  3. Translate the following Daedric script to Cyrodillic script:[1]
  4. According to which sources was the disappearance of the Dwemer the result of experimentation by Chief Tonal-Architect Kagrenac on the Heart of Lorkhan? Critically evaluate the veracity of these sources.
  5. To what extent have theological interests helped and hindered research in the School of Restoration?


  1. I could not reproduce the Daedric characters in this transcription, so please refer to the screenshots below for what the characters look like. There is a page about the Daedric alphabet on, where you can cross-check the characters if you want to try to translate them.


Here are screenshots of what this exam actually looks like in a game with the mod installed. These screenshots were taken via my Steam Deck, and I apologize in advance for the “hi, you just took a screencap” notifications in the bottom right corners on the third and fourth pics.

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