Delga Playthrough

In Which Delga Slays Bandits for Whiterun and the Companions

This being a Sunday night session, it was comparatively short. Both main goals for the session were along the lines of “go kill bandits”, for a Whiterun bounty as well as a job to get an Orcish Warhammer back for the Companions.

And the Companions job, conveniently, advanced me in that plotline!


  • Play date: 11/7/2023
  • Session number in this run: 9
  • Did some smithing training with Eorlund
  • Did additional smithing at Warmaiden’s
  • Headed out to Redoran’s Retreat to take on the bandits
  • Critters killed en route: sabre cat, and two wolves who’d killed a fox
  • Also mined two iron veins, and found nirnroot number 8 for Ingun
  • Cleared Redoran’s Retreat; got a Sneak skill book bump, and also Treasure Map IV
  • Headed to Knifepoint Ridge for Companion job
  • Critters killed en route: sabre cat, mudcrab, two wolves (one of which gave me Rockjoint)
  • Mined an orichalcum vein
  • Found a dead treasure hunter with a note about the Iron Sword of Souls in Ravenscar Hollow
  • Passed Sleeping Tree Camp, and also giants, yeah NO EVADE EVADE
  • Fought with a sabre cat and a wolf and a Khajiit thief all at the same time; dispatched all three and leveled up to 20, took Advanced Armors perk
  • (Will work on Nordic armor to wear later! :D)
  • Fought and dispatched two gargoyles! :O
  • Cleared Knifepoint Ridge and got the Orcish Warhammer
  • Also got overloaded, so started Whirlwind Sprint back to Whiterun
  • Found Hunter’s Rest, and determined that selling stuff to hunter doesn’t work if her gold tally never changes!
  • Critters killed en route: frostbite spider, skeleton, wolf
  • Made it back to Whiterun
  • Sold stuff to Khajiit, also a bit to Adrianne
  • Collected payment from Skjor for Companion job
  • Got Silver Hand task from him next; supposed to meet him and Aela at the Underforge
  • Collected bounty for bandit kill
  • Went back to Breezehome and saved for the night


Not too much in the way of new material here in this session, since Redoran’s Retreat and Knifepoint Ridge were locations I’d been to in previous playthroughs. Neither were particularly difficult to play through this time, though Knifepoint Ridge is larger and I did have to deal with the challenge of being overburdened once I finished it.

The most notable parts of this session were:

  • This is the second time I’ve found a dead treasure hunter, with a note pointing me at some random location to go find a random weapon. Not sure how interested I’ll be in hunting down this one though, since it’s an iron sword and I already have better weapons.
  • Getting Smithing’s Advanced Armors perk, so I can make Nordic armor now! This will happen as soon as I actually find some ebony.
  • Fighting the gargoyles; still not used to running into these things outside the context of Dawnguard, but yeah you can apparently run into them just at random if you’re out at night in certain parts of the map.
  • Getting the pointer from Skjor to come meet him and Aela at the Underforge, why hello there next stage of the Companions plot!

Next time

Going to meet Skjor and Aela! And getting my werewolf on!


No screenshots this time but I anticipate having some next time, definitely!

Editing to add

  • 11/18/2023: Added play date and session number markers.

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