Delga Playthrough

In Which Delga Recovers a Fragment of Wuuthrad

A short session, with only enough time to accomplish one goal: recovering the fragment of the axe Wuuthrad from Lost Knife Hideout.


  • Play date: 11/15/2021
  • Session number in this run: 17
  • Bought a little quicksilver at Warmaiden’s
  • improved all the Nordic gear I currently have up to Legendary
  • Didn’t have enough material to make another helmet though will probably have to do that at Lakeview next time I’m there as my ebony stash is now there
  • Headed out from Whiterun to go get the fragment of the axe back
  • Khajiit were hanging out but their tents were stowed? Were they about to leave? They were having conversation about why Skyrim sucks because it’s so cold, but on the other hand, PROFIT
  • Killed a couple of novice necromancers near the crossroads
  • They had apparently also killed the Aspiring Mage NPC? he was dead 🙁
  • Also found a pile of ash that apparently used to be a wolf, not sure if it was the same wolf the Aspiring Mage was trying to raise
  • Also saw a dragon flying over Whiterun, but it flew off before I got close to it
  • Hoofed it over to Lost Knife Hideout
  • Charged through Lost Knife Hideout and hammerclanged the hell out of every Silver Hand in the place
  • Did get overloaded just because, being me, I insisted on taking every single silver weapon these assholes were carrying
  • Got the fragment of Wuuthrad
  • Got killed confronting the boss down in the duel pit because i wasn’t paying attention to my health bar; got him the second time through though
  • Got thrown off on the way out as I wound up falling into the lake at the bottom of the cave and couldn’t figure out how to get out of there
  • Rolled back to previous autosave which fortunately was after killing the boss
  • Second time through this part, went the correct direction to take out the final two Silver Hands, and got back out to the outside without falling into the water!
  • Still though was overloaded so had to Whirlwind-Sprint back to Whiterun
  • Killed one bear on the way
  • Guards were all ‘please stop shouting you’re making people nervous’; sorry not sorry!
  • Sold stuff to Elrindir; went to Jorrvaskr to give the fragment to Aela
  • Aela called me Shield-Sister <3
  • Asked for work and she was all ‘yep we have work to do but um actually Kodlak wants to talk to you, don’t tell the old dude anything he doesn’t need to know’
  • Saved for the night


There are still locations in Skyrim I haven’t explored properly yet, and to my satisfaction, this session let me visit one of them.

Turns out Lost Knife Hideout had a large and interesting layout, with multiple layers to it and a large lake at the bottom. Large enough to be interesting, not so large as to feel too complex (like, say, Ustengrav or Bthardamz).

As for the Silver Hands who were camped out in the place, they weren’t particularly different from run of the mill bandits aside from all of them having silver weapons. I did find it interesting though that their leader had apparently gotten himself drunk and locked himself down in a cage pit where they apparently kept animals to fight for their amusement?

(This apparently is the case even if you come in here while not on the quest for the Companions. Which makes me wonder whether the Silver Hands would use these cages to keep captive werewolves. I didn’t see any obvious sign of that, though.)

And certainly, charging through here in full on tank mode made everything reasonably easy. A Silver Hand yells “Is someone there?” And I’m all “YES, stupid werewolf hunter, you go clang now!” And hit them upside the head with Volendrung. 😀 I’m getting better at that! And I gotta say, the cinematics for critical kills, smashing my opponents, are pretty badassed.

Naturally, because this always frigging happens even when I tell myself not to do this, I got overloaded sweeping the dungeon. Because I kept grabbing all the silver weapons that the Silver Hands were carrying. Not because i wanted them particularly, but because of the roleplay principle. I feel like Delga would want to take them as trophies even if she was just going to sell them back at Whiterun. And I’m going to need to keep examples of some of these silver weapons as actual trophies, now that I have an armory to put them in.

As for getting the axe fragment, that wasn’t terribly different than any other “go fetch a thing” quest. But I did like the aftermath of coming back to Jorrvaskr and reporting in to Aela. She seemed very happy that I’d come back with the thing safely, and called me Shield-Sister. <3

However, this also got me to the point of her telling me Kodlak wanted to see me. Oh hey look, I found more of the plot!

Next time

Following up with Kodlak! And whatever else comes to mind!


Editing to add

  • 11/28/2021: Galleries are fixed now, so here’s a few screenshots I took from this session!
  • 11/18/2023: Galleries broke again, so restored missing gallery, and also added play date and session number markers.

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