Faanshi Playthrough

In Which Faanshi Quests Through Geirmund’s Hall

This was a short session, in which I only had time to run Geirmund’s Hall. Third piece of the Gauldur amulet achieved!


  • Play date: 6/30/2022
  • Session number in this run: 32
  • Started at Lakeview
  • Did a little smithing to burn through some of my materials and build a few more furnishings
  • Boinged to Whiterun to sell things; bought a bunch more iron and steel
  • Boinged to Shroud Hearth Barrow and then hoofed it over to Geirmund’s Hall
  • Ran the place
  • Killed once by Draugr Deathlord up on top of the pillar partway through
  • Second time through got him with storm atronachs
  • Game locked up on me during the final battle with Sigdis and his clones; had to restart
  • But thankfully thrown only back to entering the boss chamber
  • Second time through on the battle took Sigdis down with combined efforts of Lydia, the two storm atronachs, and me periodically throwing Chain Lightning
  • Looted boss chest and got out
  • Overloaded but not so much that I couldn’t handle it with potion of Fortify Carry Weight
  • Boinged back to Lakeview
  • Did a little more building of furnishings
  • Saved for the night


Y’all may notice I’ve added a couple of items to the top of the highlights. This is mostly for my own reference. The play date is because I’m alternating between Faanshi and Shenner, and there’s sometimes a lag of a day or two between when I play a given session, and when the post for it goes up.

The session number is to help me remember how to set up the galleries for any associated screenshots. If I have a session with no screenshots I need to account for that in the gallery numbering!

Putting these two pieces of info in the highlights list seemed like the best way to track it.

So yeah, pretty basic session. All I did was run Geirmund’s Hall, in an attempt to get the Forbidden Legend quest moved further along so I can finish it up before I run Dawnguard.

Of the three undead brothers you have to kill as part of this plot, I daresay Sigdis is the most annoying, since he does clone himself. And if you’re running on Master difficulty like I am in this run, this means it can take you longer to kill him! Most of the time I spent on this session was in fact trying to survive that final battle long enough to let Lydia and/or my storm atronachs kill Sigdis.

I didn’t do much damage to him myself, mostly because the bastard kept throwing Unrelenting Force Shouts and knocking me down before I could queue up a magic strike or a fired arrow. So mostly I had to rely on keeping the atronachs active, or periodically throwing Healing Hands on Lydia.

It does strike me though, perhaps for the first time, that Geirmund’s Hall is a very short distance from Shroud Hearth Barrow. Which means there are two barrows within a short distance of Ivarstead, and off the top of my head I wonder if this might be the closest any two barrows I can think of are to each other in the game?

Raises interesting questions about the history of the area.

Next time

I think I’ll go reforge the Gauldur amulet! And probably also run Raldbthar so I can get the last of the aetherium shards, and then go hit the Aetherium Forge with Katria!


Just one this time, as I remembered I was still carrying around the Zelda goodies. So I tried them on like you do. Here’s the screencap of that.

Editing to add

  • 11/22/2023: Restored missing gallery, and oh hey look I caught up to the point where I actually started using play date and session number markers regularly, so I didn’t have to add those in here!

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