Additional OpenMW experimentation

Before I did more playing with Tembriel in my vanilla Morrowind install last night, I took the time to explore the OpenMW build. I’d gotten some useful tips from both Dara and the folks on the Skywind Discord server, which amounted to the following:

  1. Checking my Vsync setting
  2. Capping maximum frame rate
  3. Checking behavior with screen resolution

I also learned from the Discord server that the distortion I was seeing when turning is called “screen tearing”.

So with these suggestions in mind as to things to check, I fired up a fresh game inside OpenMW. This one I set up to be a Dark Elf spellsword, and I named her Luciriel.

I went through the initial character setup, reached the room where I had to pick up the dagger to practice with it, and tried to turn my field of view there since that’s where I’d seen the problem before. And I immediately discovered that it didn’t repro if I left the screen resolution set to 1024×768. Apparently the issue had been caused by my setting the resolution in the launcher to my laptop’s screen resolution!

That said, I also set a cap of 60fps on the launcher settings, just because I didn’t know if that was contributing to the problem. And I’ll be leaving that in place, I think.

I got Luciriel out safely into Seyda Neen and saved at that point, without actually starting a playthrough with her.

But I will come back to her later. I don’t want to try to run two parallel Morrowind playthroughs, I’m already doing Tembriel’s in parallel to two Skyrim playthroughs now, and that’s plenty to keep track of!

Plus, I just kind of want to experience the full game in the vanilla build first. And then compare the experience to playing in OpenMW. Because as y’all may have guessed, I am the exact kind of completist nerd who’ll do this in detail. 😀

I’m not going to create playthrough pages on the site for Luciriel yet, I’ll do that when I’m actually ready to play her. But I wanted to get this bit of experimentation in its own post, so I can refer back to it later.

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