• Elder Scrolls Online,  Marwyth Playthrough

    In Which Marwyth Goes to Vvardenfell

    Back to my alt Marwyth in ESO! Main action of this post: beginning the overall Daedric War storyline, starting with running the Missing Prophecy prologue quest, and then proceeding to the start of the action in Vvardenfell. Where Marwyth–Ashlander by birth and Tribunal-denying heretic–is really not at all comfortable with being in a position where she has to work on behalf of Vivec. ;D

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Gyllerah Playthrough

    In Which Gyllerah Resumes the Hunt for Time Breaches

    Multi-session post covering the last stretch of my holidays, before needing to return to work tomorrow! Which will impact my play patterns again.

    Main action in these sessions: final activity for the New Life Festival; trying and failing to finish the Bloody Reunion quest; trying and failing to proceed through Tower Full of Trouble; and doing some Psijic Order time breach sealing.

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Gyllerah Playthrough

    In Which Gyllerah Returns to Morrowind and Fights a Dark Anchor

    I was slightly mistaken about how much solo running I’d be doing early in the week, because Paul expressed interest in hitting a delve in Morrowind! So I boinged back there with him, so we could run our first delve on Vvardenfell. And I got in some additional treasure and artifact hunting, as well.

    And then I took another stab at Morrowind, this time in mainland Stonefalls, and got an opportunity to run my first Dark Anchor. Exciting!

  • Morrowind,  Tembriel Playthrough

    In Which Tembriel Investigates a Murder and Acquires a Code Book

    In this session, I managed to advance enough to get official orders from my Blades handler! But apparently I have not advanced enough to actually make it through the next stage of what I need to do for the main plot. So most of this session’s action was all about initial side quests, investigating a murder in Seyda Neen, and getting that code book for the Fighters Guild.

  • Morrowind,  Tembriel Playthrough

    In Which Tembriel Learns to Hold Her Own

    Two Morrowind sessions in a row, just because I was curious enough about discoveries made in the previous session that I wanted to follow up on them with this one! Notable highlights: joining the Fighters Guild and House Hlaalu, and running quests for each; killing my first Dark Brotherhood assassin; going back to Addamasartus and handing that fire mage a reckoning; and leveling up to level 3!

  • Morrowind

    Additional OpenMW experimentation

    Before I did more playing with Tembriel in my vanilla Morrowind install last night, I took the time to explore the OpenMW build. I’d gotten some useful tips from both Dara and the folks on the Skywind Discord server, which amounted to the following:

    1. Checking my Vsync setting
    2. Capping maximum frame rate
    3. Checking behavior with screen resolution

    I also learned from the Discord server that the distortion I was seeing when turning is called “screen tearing”.

    So with these suggestions in mind as to things to check, I fired up a fresh game inside OpenMW. This one I set up to be a Dark Elf spellsword, and I named her Luciriel.

    I went through the initial character setup, reached the room where I had to pick up the dagger to practice with it, and tried to turn my field of view there since that’s where I’d seen the problem before. And I immediately discovered that it didn’t repro if I left the screen resolution set to 1024×768. Apparently the issue had been caused by my setting the resolution in the launcher to my laptop’s screen resolution!

    That said, I also set a cap of 60fps on the launcher settings, just because I didn’t know if that was contributing to the problem. And I’ll be leaving that in place, I think.

    I got Luciriel out safely into Seyda Neen and saved at that point, without actually starting a playthrough with her.

    But I will come back to her later. I don’t want to try to run two parallel Morrowind playthroughs, I’m already doing Tembriel’s in parallel to two Skyrim playthroughs now, and that’s plenty to keep track of!

    Plus, I just kind of want to experience the full game in the vanilla build first. And then compare the experience to playing in OpenMW. Because as y’all may have guessed, I am the exact kind of completist nerd who’ll do this in detail. 😀

    I’m not going to create playthrough pages on the site for Luciriel yet, I’ll do that when I’m actually ready to play her. But I wanted to get this bit of experimentation in its own post, so I can refer back to it later.