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Still to do on the Deck

As an addendum to the two posts I’ve already put up last night and this afternoon about the Steam Deck, here are some quick notes about things I still need to test out on it:

  1. It occurred to me that since I did make a successful connection to our house network’s NAS while in Desktop mode, I can just use that to retrieve screenshots, which would cut out several steps, so I need to try that out
  2. Playtesting my current Morrowind playthrough, and seeing if that’s significantly easier than playing on the PC or what, and what changes I might need to make to my controller mappings
  3. See whether those extra buttons on the back will in fact be useful in Morrowind
  4. How well it behaves when plugged into our TV via HDMI
  5. And by extension of previous, how well it’ll talk to my Nintendo Switch Pro controller
  6. Research recommended ways to get mods for Skyrim and possibly also Morrowind onto the thing
  7. Research how big a pain in the neck it may or may not be to get Elder Scrolls Online running on it, or whether ESO is going to have to wait till I upgrade my computer

Plenty more to try out here. Looking forward to this. <3

Anybody with recommendations for or experience in any of these things, let me know your thoughts!

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