Elder Scrolls Online,  Gyllerah Playthrough

In Which Gyllerah Has an Accidental Reset

Super short post just to clear my queue and get Gyllerah caught up. Most of this is just briefly summarizing writ and antiquities activity–but also, there’s a cautionary tale about why it’s vital, and I mean vital, to be damned sure of what build you’re on before you save stuff at your Armory station!

Play by play

  • Play dates: 5/11, 5/13, 5/15-5/16, 5/19-5/20, 5/22-5/23/2023
  • Session numbers in this run: 209-216

Brief highlights

  • Ran a bunch of writs
  • Also worked on master writs
  • Did a bunch of antiquities hunting to help pay for materials for the master writs
  • Ran a couple of surveys to get necessary materials for writs, including one in Coldharbour
  • Accidentally broke my primary Armory build, AUGH


I’m giving myself amnesty on writing out the play by play on this post, because the last several days I’ve mostly only just run a bunch of writs in ESO. Some days I’ve only logged in long enough to just get daily rewards.

Main reason behind this: haven’t been as motivated to play ESO after getting news about a surprise ending to my contract. So my gaming has turned more back to Skyrim, which I find more comforting to play when I’m out of sorts. I’ll get back to interesting action in ESO soon enough, but since a big span of “yep I sure did run writs” isn’t exactly interesting to write about, I’m going to keep this post fairly short.

The one interesting thing I will write about here is fucking up my primary Armory build.

A Guild mate outright warned me about this, once I set up the Armory station in my house. And I was trying to establish a habit of saving my current build any time I wanted to switch, just so that I wouldn’t lose any changes.

But this only works if you actually are parked on the right build to begin with when you hit Save.

And I know exactly what happened here. I’d been also trying to establish a habit of switching back to my Default build at the end of a session, if I had been playing on the Healer build. This particular time, I’d neglected to do that. So when I made changes that day and tried to save my build to the station, I only realized when it was too late that I wasn’t pointing the station at the Healer build. I was still on Default.

So the Default build got overwritten with Healer.


This wasn’t a complete disaster, but it was expensive to fix. I’d used what stashed Skill Respecification scrolls I’d had. So my only other option was to visit a Shrine of Stendarr in Alinor, give the shrine a donation of 7,600 gold, and then get access to the same UI for rearranging my skills as I would get through the scroll.

I didn’t get the Default build exactly back the way it was before, but I got pretty close. The Default build is supposed to be my “wear medium armor, favor sword and shield as primary weapons, and do all the crafting” build. I mostly re-established that, but I also decided to keep the “Restoration staff” aspect of the Healer build, just because that’s useful to have available if I’m running group things as the Default build.

This has meant that the crafting abilities aren’t quite back up to the same levels I’d had them before, at least not on Alchemy and Enchanting. But the ones I really care about, Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and Clothing, are functional.

I’ve started doing more active skyshard hunting since this happened, just to try to build up skill points some more and have them available to drop on the skills I want to build back up. But of course this’ll also be a thing I can do more of once I return to actual RP.

Next time

I’m heading into a long weekend before my last day on the day job, so I’m hoping for some actual action in ESO, including group stuff and plot stuff. We’ll see how that shakes out.


No screenshots this time.

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