Elder Scrolls Online,  Gyllerah Playthrough

In Which Gyllerah Vanquishes Molag Bal

By definition every single one of my posts on this blog is full of spoilers, but this one more so than most, since it features the end of the main plot of ESO. If you’re an ESO player, and you don’t want to know specifics of how the main plot ends, you might hold this post until later.

But if you don’t mind that part, then read on! Because yeah, this post’s main action is Gyllerah finishing up the game’s main quest in Coldharbour, and defeating Molag Bal.

Play by play

  • Play dates: 6/1-6/14/2023
  • Session numbers in this run: 225-238

Pretty much all days

  • Running a bunch of writs, master writs, antiquities, and survey reports in various places, so not covering those in depth on specific days
  • Unlocked Master level antiquities and now even the simple ones are showing me the Intermediate tier scrying? o.O
  • Did a bunch of crafting to try to pull down the inventory crowding, and also to a) furnish Marwyth’s inn room and b) get more money to buy resources for master writs and the Outlaw style pages
  • A bunch of hunting down style pages for the Outlaw style, for making Marwyth’s armor, which also meant hitting a bunch of Guild traders in various places; got all the style pages for Outlaw except Helmet at this point, and also started using the Night Mother’s Gaze and Night’s Silence sets
  • Also got a stock of Rogue’s Soot to use for making the Outlaw gear
  • A bunch of switching back and forth once I made Marwyth as an alt, trying to coordinate how to handle sharing resources between two characters
  • Hitting periodic Dark Anchors both before and after finishing up in Coldharbour

Thursday the 1st

  • Picked up side quest from Egranor in Skywatch to take out Veiled Heritance leaders; some of those assholes still around? CAN DO

Friday the 2nd

  • While running antiquities in Malabal Tor, took out a world boss that may have been the troll at Windshriek Strand?
  • Ran side plot with an Argonian alchemist who’d managed to electrify himself by trying to control thunderbugs; had to find his camp to get a potion that would let me control a thunderbug and bring it to him to de-electrify him

Saturday the 3rd

  • Ran Dreadsail Reef trial with Guild; that was fun 😀
  • Big scary boss with four arms and big fuckoff swords
  • Great deal of jumping into rapids and off of decks, and a great deal of lightning that will apparently definitely fuck you up in Hard mode, but thankfully we weren’t playing that
  • Got a lovely pile of loot
  • While hunting down Stendarr Stamps for staff for a master writ, hit High Isle and ran the Death’s Valor Keep delve
  • Took daily quest for that as well as picking up a local quest which led me to have to deal with a talking skull that was the ghost of a dead knight, who wanted me to bind a corrupted former fellow knight and his minions into the castle to prevent them from breaking out
  • Prayed at some altars and gathered relics, while also fetching skulls of knights for the daily quest
  • Boss was not too tough, kind of an easy delve over all even without my being in healer mode and not entirely used to that set of skill bars yet
  • Brought Ember along and she seemed pleased to be on High Isle in general, after I successfully turned in the quest
  • Did not however get any Stendarr Stamps from this effort ;P
  • Finally called upon the Guild for that; Amy came through so I was able to go ahead and make the staff

Sunday the 4th

  • While running antiquities in Western Skyrim, discovered what happens when you eat mammoth cheese at a giant camp: “Enlarged by cheese”. LOLOLOLOL

Wednesday the 7th

  • Since I had some leftover crowns from buying the Thieves Guild DLC, bought a few dye stamps to try out on Marwyth’s Thieves Guild leathers costume; had to put them in a chest so Marywth could get at them

Friday the 9th

  • Took laundered items from Marwyth including full Imperial style book 😀
  • Went after the three Veiled Heritance leaders I could find on Auridon–the fourth one being Aranias, of course, who had gone off and become the Wilderqueen already, but this plot was expecting I hadn’t done that bit yet
  • Also followed up with meeting Kailstig the Axe, who turned out to be hanging out in Davon’s Watch, and who initiated me into the Undaunted
  • Finally went back to Coldharbour to try to move things along there
  • Explored a little more than I wanted to, because I accidentally hit the wrong wayshrine to get in
  • Ran the Aba-Loria delve but it was kind of boring, didn’t have a local plot at all, so I had no goal to achieve or reason why I came in there to take out the boss (who was a High Elf and apparently a necromancer according to the wiki)
  • Did at least get the achievement and the skyshard though
  • Came back out again and veered briefly back through the Bosmer and Lamia territory, but tried to get the hell out as fast as possible because I didn’t want to fight either group
  • Finally returned to the Hollow City and checked in with the war council led by the Ayleid king, who organized the forces to go take back the nearby chasm
  • I had to get in there and take out some focus stones
  • Mage in charge turned out to be familiar: Gathwen, who I’d seen back on Khenarthi’s Roost, who’d had to trap her old master in the tomb!
  • Took out the focus stones
  • Got into the gatehouse proper and followed Cadwell’s directives to activate a couple of flywheels and unlock the main gate
  • Had to take out Molag Grunda, a Winged Twilight who was Molag Bal’s own daughter
  • The king next recruited me to go take out some vampires and gather samples of their blood for a pacification ritual
  • Can do, Your Majesty! But, y’know, next time

Saturday the 10th

  • Did some experimenting with Dressing Room to see if it actually does what I wanted it to do: namely, let me quickly switch between my armory builds, including skill bars
  • But the versions of Dressing Room I’ve tried don’t seem to do that reliably
  • Alternatives to check out:
    • Alphagear
    • Wizard’s Wardrobe

Monday the 12th

  • Did more experimenting with Dressing Room, but still not getting the hang of making it actually swap my skill bars when i swap gear sets 😛
  • Made hard push through the rest of Coldharbour
  • First up: hitting the vampire lairs as per orders of Vanus Galerion
  • But a female vampire kept showing up and yelling at me about endangering her children, and when I marked the last lair she came to make an offer to me: back off, and free her children from serving Molag Bal, and she’d make sure they’d help me in the final fight
  • Vanus was horrified by this of course, because vampires
  • But I figure Gyllerah had a bit of sympathy given her prior interactions with Fennorian, so chose to free the vampires
  • Meanwhile, Lyranth showed up again, dropped some snarky commentary, and also offered some aid in getting in and taking out the primary dremora we had to take down: Valkynaz Seris
  • Vanus was also mortified about this, because dremora, but King Dynar was a fuckton more practical about this, he was all “we can take all the help we can get, of course you should talk to her”
  • So I agreed to take Lyranth’s help and found out why she wanted to target the primary dremora, Valkynaz Seris
  • I took him out, and that made Lyranth the new local dremora leader; she promised to keep her new minions off our backs for now
  • Next major thing: having to choose an NPC to accompany me onward through the final push
  • Took the obvious choice here: Darien
  • The vampires showed up to help as I worked on closing a reinforcement portal
  • Had to work on opening a library gate at this point and this was fucking frustrating, but fortunately another player came through; I was able to watch that person and see what they did to hit the fourth pipe and unlock the gate; did what they did and was finally able to proceed
  • After that, reached a super dark area where I spotted the Khajiit mage Zur from the previous Soul-Melded Mage plot; didn’t know how to get through this bit until i checked the wiki; Zur apparently could have provided light, but I went with Almalexia’s Lantern since I had that as a memento and could trigger it; added it to my mementos wheel for later just in case I ever need it again
  • Next up: statue room; Gabrielle and I were the only ones to get through here, the other mages were blocked from proceeding, but not the Wood Elves, apparently? Because Faraniel and some of her Wood Elf tribe showed up to help fight
  • Next up: Planar Vortex portal, and finally, the reveal that the Groundskeeper is Meridia
  • I liked the face off between Meridia and Molag Bal at this point–but found it a trifle confusing, because Meridia took out the first anchor and I thought I was supposed to destroy two others? But I don’t think I actually did anything to destroy any other anchor
  • What I did do was take out Molag Bal’s council of major minions, while the mages worked on powering up a Light of Meridia crystal–which I then activated, and BOOM
  • Woke up in an Oblivion pocket, with Meridia, and found Vanus and Gabrielle with a dying King Dynar, who coughed out his final words and gifted me with a greatsword
  • Stepped through a door out into the Hollow City–and found a projection of Varen telling me it was time for the really final thing
  • He told me to come back to the Harborage where the Five Companions had gathered
  • Boinged out to the Harborage, talked to the others, told Tharn that yes I’m ready–and we ported back into Coldharbour, with the goal of attacking Heart’s Grief, Molag Bal’s palace
  • Found Mannimarco being tortured and declined to free him, because seriously, fuck that guy, let him burn
  • (Realized belatedly as I wrote this post that I missed opportunities to see various other antagonists in this same chamber, will have to look out for them in Marwyth’s run)
  • Did another round of fighting my way through a sequence of baddies, but this time it was with the Five Companions, and that was pretty badassed, particularly with Lyris fighting
  • We did the ritual and I chose to sacrifice Varen, after having final words with him, Sai, and Lyris
  • Got the infusion of power from Akatosh, and okay yeah that? That was awesome
  • Charged through the rest of the swarm of baddies at that point, most of which just vanished in light when I hit them, though the bigger ones, like the titans, took two or three sword swings
  • Destroyed several fortress walls, and also summoned divine power to create a bridge across a chasm, cooooooool
  • Finally reached Molag Bal himself and LET’S DO THIS YOU DAEDRIC MOTHERFUCKER
  • Took him out, and BOOM
  • Transported to Meridia’s home base in Oblivion, the Colored Rooms
  • She was all “hey look I have your soul!” So I accepted it back
  • A weakened Molag Bal manifested for some final snark at me and Meridia both
  • Meridia told me a bit more about what had happened with Abnur Tharn and the Amulet of Kings, and that the Amulet was not going to hold any more power for at least a generation or more
  • She sent me back to the Harborage, where I found Lyris and Sai Sahan; said my goodbyes to them, aw <3
  • Also found Cadwell and resolved the final quest with him, and got the staff the Emperor’s Blessing
  • Accepted Cadwell’s gift from Meridia to experience the other alliances! Which dropped me right into Bleakrock Isle to talk to Captain Rana and OH HEY I KNOW HOW THIS WORKS XD
  • Had opening conversation with her and went out to explore a bit
  • Found Molla, the Nord who’d been turned into a skeever, as I headed towards the wayshrine; went ahead and took her quest
  • But for now did not go any farther with Bleakrock
  • Boinged back to Cliffshade at that point and keeled over for the night; I think probably Gyllerah just wanted to hug her dog for a while ;D

Tuesday the 13th

  • Worked on closing the rest of the breaches in Deshaan and Shadowfen, for the Psijic Order quest
  • Got a total of 8 out of the 9
  • Last breach was inside the gates at Malak’s Maw in Deshaan, and apparently I’m going to have run a quest to get in there
  • Didn’t want to deal with that for now so boinged back to Cliffshade for the night

Wednesday the 14th

  • Ran more plot in Bleakrock
  • Ran all the same find the missing villagers plots that I did as Marwyth
  • Did antiquities as long as I was there anyway, just for cash gathering purposes
  • Ran up enough skyshards to get another skill point; cool, treasure chests glow for me now

Argonian alchemist in Malabal Tor

This was kind of amusing as side plots go. Yinz-Hei the Argonian had managed to electrify himself while studying thunderbugs. And, amazingly, was not actually dead yet.

So I followed the note he’d left to find his camp and get him the potion he needed to drain off the electricity coursing through him. One does wonder how long he was lying there electrified? Apparently Argonians can take that kind of thing pretty well.

Death’s Valor Keep delve

This was a pretty good delve! I liked the local plot hook of a graverobber freaking out at me about encountering a talking skull, and then there was the talking skull himself! Gyllerah, who’s seen a few talking skulls in her time, wasn’t particularly fazed by him. And I liked the angle of having to carry the skull around with me in my pack, so he could give me guidance on what to do in the keep.

Between that and the daily quest of having to recover skulls of dead knights from the place to be put to proper rest, it was a very skull-themed delve. And not too difficult, either. The boss wasn’t that much of a fight. I enjoyed running it, nonetheless!

And it was fun to have Ember along on this one, just because we were on High Isle. She threw off happy commentary about adventuring on High Isle once I turned in that quest reward, too.

Taking out Veiled Heritance leaders

LOL, I came to this quest super late in the game, since it’s one that was clearly intended to be run way earlier in the Aldmeri Dominion plotline. Because it expects Aranias is still at large, as opposed to having gone off to become the Wilderqueen. 😀

Still, got this done and dealt with, just to take care of the NPC who kept bugging me about it every time I passed him in Skywatch.

Induction into the Undaunted

I was definitely underwhelmed by this. I went to go talk to Kailstig the Axe just to clear that quest out of my journal. But all it involved was my showing up at Davon’s Watch where he was hanging out drinking with a few other Undaunteds. And they threw off several rude remarks that were clearly supposed to be good-natured hazing or something, before finally declaring me “Undaunted”.

Meh. Sadly, the game gave me no opportunity to dryly inquire whether any of these blowhards had killed any dragons or dremora lately, or stopped the machinations of any Daedric Princes, or overthrown any conspiracies meant to take down their rightful rulers. No?

Then shut the fuck up with your hazing, assholes.

Sheesh. At least I should have been able to brawl them. But I shall accept that Gyllerah was mature enough to let it go, because she did after all have higher priorities to deal with. Like, say, saving the world.

Finishing up in Coldharbour

I had thought I was going to try to run All the Things in Coldharbour, on the general grounds of Gyllerah being determined to not leave anybody behind if she could help it. But I ran into a hurdle with this: getting tired, as a player, of having to do yet another thing before I could actually get to the endgame of Coldharbour and hand Molag Bal his ass. Particularly after the unsatisfying run in the Aba-Loria delve. So I finally just decided, fuck it, I’m doing a hard push through the end of Coldharbour.

I really liked seeing Gathwen again, and getting that bit of followup with what had happened to her and Rurelion back on Khenarthi’s Roost. And I was very pleased to hear from her that he had been successfully rescued. Oh good. And, LOL, successfully rescued by someone who wasn’t me, even! Nice to get news of NPCs succeeding at pulling off a thing when the player character isn’t around, for once. ;D

I’m a little appalled at myself that it took me this long to realize that Cadwell is voiced by John Cleese. Snerk. I’m pretty sure I must have known that already, either through Guild friends telling me, or seeing it on the wiki, or both? But it only just as of this set of sessions actually finally clicked. And this isn’t entirely a good thing, because now I can’t hear Cadwell as anything but John Cleese. He doesn’t quite vanish into the character enough, and his accent is too distinctive to my ear. Ah well! At least Cadwell is still entertaining.

For a character that’s supposed to be Molag Bal’s own daughter, I found Molag Grunda disappointing. I barely got a chance to hear anything about her before I had to take her out! (And I have questions. Like, for example, if she’s Molag Bal’s daughter, who on Nirn was her mother?)

On the other hand, I took a fair bit of delight in horrifying Vanus Galerion twice, once by deciding to help the vampires and the second time by deciding to take help from Lyranth. The Great Mage is still too damned full of himself, and prone to his own view of the world. Happily, King Dynar was much more practical, and quite correct in observing that we needed all the help we could get.

But as I noted above, I figure Gyllerah had a bit of sympathy for non-hostile vampires after Fennorian demonstrated to her that such a thing could exist. And also, Lyranth is just too damned interesting a character. Though now I’ve helped her gain some power back in Coldharbour, so it’s going to be interesting to see if that turns out to be a good choice in the long run. I don’t know when I’ll run into her again though! (And I’m not looking it up, for the sake of maintaining a bit of surprise.)

And Lyranth’s motives were eventually revealed: she wanted me to take out Valkynaz Seris for her because he was instrumental in wiping out her clan, and she wanted vengeance. But apparently she was not able to act against him directly, because HONOR!!!! or something? Or at least, the codified hierarchal strictures of the dremora? She could, however, absolutely sic me on him.

And promise me, once she was in a position to take over the territory of her foe, to keep her new minions from bothering our forces. For now. LOL. I kind of adore Lyranth. XD

As per above commentary, I naturally was interested in interacting with Darien again. And it was very obvious that this was an earlier version of him in his personal timeline! He struck me as definitely brasher at this point in his existence. A New Hope era Han Solo, if you will, rather than The Empire Strikes Back Han Solo.

I think it probably caused Gyllerah a bit of a pang when he joked about dreaming about this moment, and how I’d been a buxom redhead in the dream, LOL. Gyllerah is a redhead, but not exactly buxom. Snerk.

The game gave me no opportunity to flirt with him like it did in the Summerset plotline–and it also threw off some hints that Darien had something going on with Gabrielle Benele of the Mages Guild. Apparently she shows up if you’re running the Daggerfall Covenant plotline? So no wonder I hadn’t met her yet.

But since Gyllerah picked up on that romantic vibe between them, I headcanon that she refrained from flirting with Darien again, no matter how nice his shoulders. Still though: a bit of a pang.

Now let me talk about the part of this entire sequence that I found actively frustrating: the puzzle in the library area, where I had to set off four Daedric fires and use their energy to trigger some pipes, so that I could open a gate.

Nice in theory, but in actual practice I found it difficult to solve–because it was not obvious where to shoot the fires. I managed to derp my way through three of them, but finding the solution to the fourth was a problem.

The only things I could find online as reference sources seemed to be old, dating from early in the game’s history where there was a bug in this part of the storyline and players had to work around it. Some of the videos found by both me and Cync involved jumping off parts of this whole area (because it was full of floating platforms), and risking fucking dying.

Which struck me as immensely stupid, and I was all, “Surely I don’t actually have to die to solve this puzzle?”

Having to fight with this puzzle, too, dragged down the dramatic pacing for me immensely. Because as I said earlier, I just wanted to make a hard push through the final stages of Coldharbour and get to the final boss fight. Plus, there didn’t seem to be any particular useful purpose to that area! There was no specific monster I had to kill, no specific useful thing I had to find. All I had to do in that area was get the gate unlocked.

Nothing about the final push to Coldharbour would have been impacted if that area was gone. So all in all, it just seemed like an unnecessary complication thrown in to slow you down before you get to the endgame.

And just as I was getting fairly pissed off about this (and yelling for help on the Guild Discord), another player came through the area. Which saved my bacon. Because I was able to watch that person and see what they did to trigger that fourth and final pipe.

So note to Future Me, because I’ll run into this again when I run Coldharbour as Marwyth:

  1. Look up in relation to the various Daedric fires around the area
  2. Not all of the pipes are immediately within range of the fires, the fourth one I had to hit was a few steps away
  3. The hitboxes on those pipes seem to be pretty small, it took several tries to finally get the prompt to hit the A button
  4. Repeatedly hitting those Daedric fires to replenish the energy will probably be called for because the energy does run out, may need to plan hitting a couple of them in sequence to actually hit a pipe properly

The area after this was likewise not actually terribly important to the overall plot. I liked that it gave me a chance to see Zur from the Soul-Melded Mage plot run in Coldharbour earlier. But he seemed to be there entirely as a potential source of light, because this area was super-dark. I didn’t actually wind up relying on him for illumination, though, because I had Almalexia’s Lantern in my mementos. And I was able to trigger that to light my way. I did have to keep triggering it to keep up the light source, but it did work, so that was cool.

Again, though, not an area that served any dramatic purpose except to slow me down from getting to the final battle. Ditto the statue room, where Gabrielle and I were the only ones of the Mages Guild forces to make it through. The statues room seemed to be there mostly for an excuse to have Faraniel and her Wood Elf tribe show up to help with the fighting. And I do appreciate the dramatic necessity of having all these characters you’ve helped out before actually help you in return, but wow, it kept dragging down the pacing.

Finally, though, I got to the Planar Vortex portal and the reveal that the Groundskeeper is in fact Meridia. I don’t think Gyllerah was particularly surprised by this. Or particularly happy about it, either, given that she remembers Darien’s final warning during the Summerset adventure. And she’s pretty wary of the machinations of Daedric Princes at this point, even the comparatively more benevolent ones.

But hold that thought. Because not even this part was the final part of the plot. I did like the faceoff between Meridia and Molag Bal, and the part involving destroying Dark Anchors (though as I noted above, this was confusing, I don’t think I actually destroyed any?).

Then we fired off the Light of Meridia crystal. And I got King Dynar’s death scene. Aw. I liked that guy. I was a trifle sorry the plot killed him off!

And heh. He gifted me with a greatsword. And now I feel a little sorry about having sold the necklace he gave me before!

After that, though, I got to the really final thing, i.e., the part i was actually waiting for. And why the entire sequence of getting here felt unnecessarily long and complicated: meeting up again with the Five Companions, and getting to the part where I kicked Molag Bal’s ass.

Because yeah, there were two whole separate, disparate plot threads here. There was the gathering of forces with the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild, guided by Meridia. And then there was the whole plot with the Five Companions. Both of them were required to actually finish up the whole quest line, but these plot lines never actually meshed at any point.

I feel like it was vaguely bullshit that the Five Companions were hanging out in the Harborage the entire time, while the Vestige was busting her ass trying to help the Guild forces get their shit together for the assault on Molag Bal’s citadel. And okay yeah sure fine, I can see why Varen might think it best that he keep an extremely low profile. But Lyris? And Sai Sahan? Why the actual fuck would they not be involved?

I think I’d have liked to hear at least a line or two out of them about how they’d want to join me, but they’re staying in the Harborage to protect Varen until I’m ready for Tharn’s final ritual. Or maybe a line out of Varen about how “I regret I cannot send the others with you, Vestige, but the Scrolls foretold that our only path to victory is if the Five Companions all live to accompany you on this final ritual.” Or both? Just a little something to explain why they’re all continuing to hide out.

And here’s the other weird thing about getting the projection from Varen at this point: he wanted me to come back to the Harborage, and once I did that, we had to get back into Coldharbour. But I was already in Coldharbour. So apparently they couldn’t just, I dunno, open a portal into the Hollow City and meet me there? But okay yes sure fine, let’s do this.

And once we got into Heart’s Grief, finally, the endgame action I’d been waiting for.

I declined to rescue Mannimarco for generally obvious “this fucker killed me, and he’s an evil master necromancer that wants to turn himself into the next Molag Bal, why the actual fuck should I rescue him” reasons.

There were yet more baddies to fight through, but this was a lot faster paced fighting, just because fighting with Lyris is pretty glorious. She is delightful to watch in battle, at least in the few moments the player has to spot what she’s doing in between doing their own fighting!

And I got to the part where Tharn does his ritual. As I’d planned, I chose to sacrifice Varen, after letting him, Sai, and Lyris all give me their final words. And I got the infusion of power from Akatosh.

And okay yeah, that? That was fucking awesome.

I really kind of loved just plowing through all the remaining intermediary baddies, just to watch them dissolve in light as soon as I hit them. The smaller ones took a single shot for that. The larger ones, like the titans, took two or three.

But finally I got to Molag Bal himself and game on.

I was kind of surprised that at no point did he actually kill me. I was expecting to die at least once in this battle. But it was a good hard fight though, and seriously intense.

Of course, I couldn’t actually kill Molag Bal, he’s a Daedric Prince after all, and not to be slain by a mortal such as myself even if I was packing an Akatosh-powered punch. But i did fuck up his day very, very badly. And the final cinematic of me chopping him in half was fantastic.

At which point, BOOM, I was transported to the Colored Rooms. And informed by Meridia that she had in fact recovered my soul!

Which I did of course accept. Gyllerah may be side-eying all the Daedric Princes at this point, but she’s not stupid, and of course she’s going to take her soul back.

And I had to LOL at the weakened Molag Bal showing up to deliver some final snark at me: “I congratulate you, little insect. Your sting is formidable.”

Somebody was feeling cranky about being chopped in half, apparently.

LOLed a bit as well about Meridia’s news that the Amulet of Kings wasn’t going to hold any power for at least a generation or more. But powered fully back up by the time of the Oblivion Crisis, presumably!

And after giving my farewells to Lyris and Sai, I took up Cadwell on his offer on Meridia’s behalf to experience the other alliances. Because I figure Gyllerah could see the value in that.

Which dropped me right into Bleakrock Isle, and LOL HI CAPTAIN RANA I think this plot feels familiar. ;D

Bleakrock Isle, take two

So yeah, Bleakrock Isle. Geez, I was just here!

Had I known Gyllerah was going to get dropped into the Ebonheart Pact when I fired up Marwyth as my alt, I might have rethought making my second ESO a Pact character. Oh well!

At least it meant I knew how to get things done pretty quickly. So I charged through all the same “rescue the missing villagers” plots that Marwyth ran. But since I was there anyway, I also looked for a couple of antiquities, just for the sake of getting some more expensive ones that I hadn’t run before. And I ran enough of the Bleakrock plot to get all the villagers found and get the directive to tell the captain to begin the evacuation.

Psijic Order followup

I took some time to close a bunch of time breaches as well, and it was while doing that that I hit three different Dark Anchors–just because I’ve seen that many wayshrines are conveniently within range of dolmens, so I was in the area when three of them fired off.

And I gotta admit, it’s a trifle weird to have those still firing off when I have in theory saved the world, destroyed all the Dark Anchors, and defeated Molag Bal.

This is yet another thing where I understand why they do it this way, i.e., it’s an MMO, and it’d be computationally too expensive to have to figure out which players have finished Coldharbour and which ones haven’t. But still. Weird.

I’ll just take it as evidence for my headcanon that the Soulburst was in fact a Dragon Break, that there are millions of Vestiges, and all of us have to kick Molag Bal’s ass before the world is truly and properly saved. ;D

But anyway, I only got 8 of the 9 breeches I had to close for this plot. The last one wanted me to get into Malak’s Maw, which wasn’t happening until I did a local plot. So I declined to do that for the moment. I may swing back to that when Gyllerah reaches that part of Cadwell’s Silver, though.

Next time

Gyllerah’s next post will feature proceeding through the Deshaan plot, and trying to figure out how many things I can safely skip while running Cadwell’s Silver! And how to balance that with how Marwyth is also running Deshaan, and I don’t want to have both characters running the same things at the same time.


I am a little sad that I neglected to get a screenshot of my chopping Molag Bal in half. I will rectify this when I play through the finale with Marwyth, I promise you! 😉

Editing to add

  • 11/25/2023: Restored missing gallery.

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