• Elder Scrolls Online,  Gyllerah Playthrough

    In Which Gyllerah Discovers the Infinite Archive

    The second week of January was pretty eventful for Gyllerah. So this is the first of two posts to cover that week, in the interests of trying to keep the post length down! (But no promises. Y’all know how verbose I can get!)

    Main action here: exploring the Infinite Archive, and by extension more of Apocrypha; doing a bunch of work to level up both Ember and Mirri as Companions; and some fun action in the Rift, including a bit of accidentally doing parts of its zone quest out of order. As Gyllerah tends to do.

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Gyllerah Playthrough

    In Which Gyllerah Meets Mirri and Vastarie, and Acquires a Dragonhorn

    Finally getting down to the end of my backlogged 2023 posts! Here’s the very last one I’ll be putting up for Gyllerah on ESO, before I start getting into Gyllerah’s action in 2024.

    As per several previous recent ESO posts, I’m only counting “sessions” as play days where I do so something above and beyond crafting or fishing. Any day in this post not explicitly described, you may assume I logged in and did basic crafting, writs, fishing, etc.

    Main highlights of this post’s action: running the Gloomreach delve in the Reach and adventuring down into Blackreach; running the quest to pick up Mirri as my second official ESO Companion; meeting Vastarie the necromancer; and pushing the quest further along in Northern Elsweyr.

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Marwyth Playthrough

    In Which Marwyth Becomes the Champion of Vivec

    Jumping over to Marwyth in Elder Scrolls Online action, here’s a catchup post for her from mid-December.

    Main action in this post: finishing up the plot on Vvardenfell, advancing the plot in Eastmarch, reaching Champion status (WOO), running a bunch of New Life Festival stuff (including bits I hadn’t done before as Gyllerah), and a heaping side helping of pickpocketing.

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Gyllerah Playthrough

    In Which Gyllerah Gains the Hall of the Lunar Champion

    This is actually a full week of play for Gyllerah in mid-to-late December, but as per my recent policy tweak of ESO posts, I’m only counting sessions in which I do any actual adventuring or group content for purposes of tracking how many sessions Gyllerah has run.

    Main action here: pushing the Northern Elsweyr plot along and getting the Hall of the Lunar Champion; a bunch of Antiquities hunting; and some side questing on Stros M’Kai, which I visited for the first time.

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Marwyth Playthrough

    In Which Marywth Returns to Shadowfen and Vvardenfell

    First time I’ve run Marwyth in a while, but now that I’m coming out of hiatus, I wanted to lead with her on my ESO posts! So here’s a new drop of adventuring with my ex-Ashlander Dunmer, featuring some action in Shadowfen to move the Ebonheart Pact plot along, and then some action on Vvardenfell!

    As a general reminder, I’m only going to count play days where I do actual adventuring to Gyllerah’s and Marwyth’s playthroughs. Just to relieve myself of having to write about dozens of days where I just log on and run writs. 😉

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Marwyth Playthrough

    In Which Marwyth Reconnects a Dunmer With His Ancestors

    And, finally, swinging back around to catch up with Marwyth on ESO. I’m instituting the same rule with Marwyth that I am with Gyllerah: that it doesn’t count as a play session if I don’t actually get the character out adventuring. Logging in to get daily rewards and just do writs doesn’t count. This is to just make it easier for me to track my notes and do posts!

    So with that in mind, this is a catchup post for the small number of times I’ve actually adventured with Marwyth since late August.

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Marwyth Playthrough

    In Which Marwyth Quests Across Vvardenfell

    Way behind on my ESO posts again, but honestly, haven’t much felt the groove of playing ESO lately. I am feeling kind of fatigued by the sheer size of the world, and am taking a bit of a break to recharge. I’ll be back soon enough, I’m sure!

    Meanwhile, here’s some catchup on what’s going on with Marwyth. Main action here: running the Scarlet Judge plot on Vvardenfell, which I liked quite a bit; running the side plot with the ebony mine in Balmora, which I did not enjoy at at all; and continuing with Vvardenfell’s main quest line.