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    Backpack Glitch in Legacy of the Dragonborn on Steam Deck

    Breaking out of Kendeshel’s playthrough posts to write up a brief issue I noted while playing her. Legacy’s official Discord says they can’t answer support requests from me because I’m playing on the Steam Deck and that’s not included in their official supported platforms. So investigation of problems has to be on me.

    I’m okay with that! Because as I know very well from my day job, it’s impossible for a development team to provide support for a problem if they cannot repro the problem. And if they don’t have access to the same platform a user sees a problem on, by definition, they can’t support investigating that problem properly.

    But that does mean I need to keep track of issues I see, so that I know what to do about them or other similar issues in the future.

    So here’s a post about what I found while trying to add Anniversary Edition backpacks to the displays in the museum. I’ll do similar writeups for any other problems I find, not only for my benefit, but for anybody else who might want to do a modded Skyrim run on the Steam Deck that includes Legacy. Or, for that matter, anybody on the PC side who might stumble across a similar problem.