• Kendeshel Playthrough,  Skyrim

    Fic: Repentance and Resolve

    This is the second scene inspired by my recent play of the Project AHO plot in my Kendeshel Skyrim playthrough. Events here are specifically inspired by running the main Skyrim plot The Blessings of Nature, and doing the version of it where I agree to let Maurice Jondrelle accompany me to the Eldergleam Sanctuary.

    But on the way through Mixwater Mill again, I spotted the same character whose encounter with you sparks off the Project AHO plot–now back in the very same place.

    And suffice to say, my Dragonborn had some opinions about this. So this scene is the result. It’s more detailed than the game allowed me to play, but it is my official headcanon for how seeing that character again went. And I’m also accounting for Kendeshel’s mindset in the aftermath of Project AHO’s events, and how that ties in with my ongoing play of Legacy of the Dragonborn, too.

    So here we go, a fic called “Repentance and Resolve”. 4,272 words. The playthrough post this goes will be my next official Kendeshel post!

  • Kendeshel Playthrough,  Skyrim

    Fic: Tense Negotiations

    I’ve felt the urge to write some fic based on my Skyrim adventures before, and I’ve done some cursory dabbling at it. But even though I have mixed feelings about the Project AHO mod, as I wrote in the review post I put up a little while ago, the core idea of the story is powerful enough that my writer brain kept playing with it and trying to come up with a way to make it make narrative sense that my Dragonborn agreed to actually help the people in the plot rather than destroying them.

    So here you go, y’all, the first scene I’ve written in prose in quite some time. This is 2,903 words, and is based directly upon how events played out in recent Kendeshel sessions, which I’ll be covering in a few forthcoming playthrough posts.

    It’s spoilery for the end of the Project AHO plotline, so a bit of an intro, and the actual prose, behind the fold.

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    Review of Project AHO mod (non-spoiler version)

    I’m running Project AHO as part of my Kendeshel playthrough, and as of level 20, the plotline for this kicked in. So here’s a post with some commentary to review the mod and my experiences with it.

    This post is almost entirely without spoilers. I say almost because there’s one aspect of it I do want to call out here in the spirit of a content warning. I’ll be getting into the actual crunchy spoilers as part of the main posts for Kendeshel’s playthrough, and will warn at the top of the relevant posts when those go up.

    The TL;DR picoreview version: I have very mixed feelings about this mod in general. Some of it I liked quite a bit. Other parts… not so much.

    More details behind the fold.