Alarrah Playthrough

Also accomplished on the Switch

This is the first of several posts to provide links back to Twitter threads for Alarrah’s playthrough, from before I started documenting her action directly in WordPress.

Putting in wrapper posts for those threads just because it’ll let me organize them better on Alarrah’s page, and put tags and categories on them!

Here, I had the very first kickoff tweet for buying Skyrim for the Switch, as well as a 400GB SD card!

Also accomplished on the Switch:
1. bought Hades
2. bought Skyrim
3. bought me a 400GB SD card so I can actually have enough space to play Skyrim!
2:34 PM ยท Apr 17, 2021


  1. I created this post on March 13, 2022, but I’m backdating it to the time of the tweet, just for organizational purposes.
  2. Post updated November 21, 2022 to change embedded tweet to a textual reproduction, and remove the link to Twitter.

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