Alarrah Playthrough

Today I got the add-ons I ordered for my Switch

A Twitter thread from April 28, 2021, in which I determined that nope, still not ready to leave Riverwood. But this was also when I discovered how to take screenshots, and that I really needed to set the Invert Y setting in my game!

Today I got the add-ons I ordered for my Switch, the stick extenders and the precision rings to improve my ability to control motion on the JoyCons. I definitely feel an improvement in Animal Crossing, where maneuverability matters when you’re diving to catch undersea creatures.

10:41 PM · Apr 28, 2021
But the main point of extra toys being Skyrim, I fired that up again tonight. Quickly learned a few things: 1) nope still not ready to leave Riverwood, I tried and promptly got my ass kicked by a wolf; 2) I’m apparently one of those people the “Invert Y” setting is for?

10:43 PM · Apr 28, 2021
I turned that on and suddenly found the ability to look around much less random; 3) I might actually like third person view better? I don’t know yet. I need to experiment with that more.

10:44 PM · Apr 28, 2021
The main point of experimenting with third person view though being, getting a snap of my character! Behold, Alarrah the Wood-Elf (and unknown baby Dragonborn)!

Alarrah in Riverwood
Alarrah in Riverwood
10:44 PM · Apr 28, 2021
(P.S. I know a lot of people have said this before me, but now _I’m_ playing it, so I’ll say it again: _holy crap_ Skyrim is gorgeous.)

10:47 PM · Apr 28, 2021
(HAH and I just figured out why the Invert Y setting is apparently what I need. It’s because of scrolling and swiping gestures! In macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, the two-finger gestures for scrolling are reversed from what you might expect…

11:13 PM · Apr 28, 2021
… Swiping up with two fingers means you scroll down. Swiping down with two fingers means you scroll up. This is reversed on my PC/Linux laptop and it _regularly_ throws me off, so I’m pretty damn sure that’s why i need the Invert Y setting in Switch Skyrim.)

11:13 PM · Apr 28, 2021


  1. This post was written on 3/13/2022, but backdated to the date of the Twitter thread for organizational purposes.
  2. Edited on 12/26/2022, to reconstruct the Twitter thread and remove links to Twitter.

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