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One other thing I’ll say about playing Skyrim tonight

A second Twitter thread from May 3, 2021, in which I talk about prior experience with turn-based combat in games, and how different playing Skyrim is in comparison.

And oh yeah one other thing I’ll say about playing Skyrim tonight: up till now all the combat I’ve done in games has been strictly turn-based. Lots and lots of Nethack (and games similar to Nethack, like Moria and Angband and Slash’em), and lots and lots of Dungeon Boss.

9:32 PM · May 3, 2021
Playing Skyrim which is decidedly _not_ turn-based is a whole new experience for me, and _oh god the suspense_, sneakily inching my way up that mountain and waiting for something to leap out and attack me.

9:33 PM · May 3, 2021
Aaron Humphrey · @alfvaen · May 3, 2021

This is why Elder Scrolls games are the only ones I tend to leave their own music playing (rather than playing my own library). Because they have Battle Music to let you know when you’re being attacked.

9:46 PM · May 3, 2021
Angela Korra’ti · @annathepiper · May 3, 2021

I remember totally also being impressed by the music in all the times through that Dara and Paul have played. And now that I’m playing it myself, chances of my acquiring the OST have gone significantly up. <3

9:55 PM · May 3, 2021
A far, far cry from ASCII-based graphics and a horde of o’s beating up on my @!

9:33 PM · May 3, 2021


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