Alarrah Playthrough

Made it up to Bleak Falls Barrow

Thread from May 3, 2021, in which I’ve progressed far enough in learning the controls that I’m ready to take on Bleak Falls Barrow!

Today’s Things Accomplished in Animal Crossing: paid off third bridge on the island, also paid off loan on the second room of the house, and oh hey somebody named “K.K. Slider” wants to come to the island and Tom Nook flipped his shit about this.

9:16 PM 路 May 3, 2021
I’m all “does he play fiddle and do podorythmie and sing in French? No? Then WHY DO I CARE okay fine fine I’ll pretty up the island”. 馃槈

9:17 PM 路 May 3, 2021
Today’s Things Accomplished in Skyrim: made it up to Bleak Falls Barrow, a very aptly named place, although sneaking up there just before the break of dawn let me see some _stunningly gorgeous_ auroras. Screencapped that shit.

9:17 PM 路 May 3, 2021
Also killed another wolf and, in a first, several bandits! They were all yelling variations on “YOUR KIND HAS NO PLACE HERE” (read: because I’m a Wood Elf), and I was all “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you over the sound of my STABBING YOU INTO OBLIVION, Chucky”.

9:17 PM 路 May 3, 2021
Also, levelled up to 3, picked up stamina and ability to make steel things in smithing, and grabbed a bunch of gold and interesting loot. Made it as far as the bandit campfire just before the menacing-looking passageway down into where all the scary shit probably is. FUN TIMES!

9:18 PM 路 May 3, 2021


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