Alarrah Playthrough

The Part Where I Went Up to High Hrothgar

Second Twitter thread from May 6, 2021, noting that Alarrah did in fact make it up to High Hrothgar to see the Greybeards. This is also my first very flail-y attempt to use the Whirlwind Sprint Shout.

And OH YEAH I totally skipped past the part where I went up High Hrothgar to see the Greybeards. They were all “yep you sure are a Dragonborn, let’s test you”. It took me a while to actually figure out how to do Whirlwind Sprint. o.O

6:52 PM 路 May 6, 2021
A whole lot of Master Arngeir going “is that your best effort?” and my character going “hey, fuck you old man, I just got here” (but y’know, in her INSIDE voice). While @solarbirdy finally clued me in that I had to use two controls at once to actually get through the gate.

6:55 PM 路 May 6, 2021
On the way up to the Greybeards we found a friendly pilgrim, but also found hostile critters, and a frost troll. I elected to NOT try to go all the way back down, and fast travel instead. Which is where the whole “going to Whiterun” thing in the previous thread came in. 馃榾

6:57 PM 路 May 6, 2021
Zack 路 @zkline 路 May 6, 2021

This reminds me of playing the game with a friend at the controls. I miss it 馃檪

6:59 PM 路 May 6, 2021
Angela Korra’ti 路 @annathepiper路 May 6, 2021

I’ve had multiple friends getting nostalgic for Skyrim at me, what with my giving play by plays! And my niece as well who’s a gamer. 馃檪

7:02 PM 路 May 6, 2021
Zack 路 @zkline 路 May 6, 2021

I appreciate them very much. 馃檪 particularly since it鈥檚 very difficult to enjoy the game on my own as a blind player.

7:04 PM 路 May 6, 2021
Angela Korra’ti 路 @annathepiper路 May 6, 2021

I can imagine! And I’m delighted to hear they’re entertaining you too, I’ll keep them up!

7:06 PM 路 May 6, 2021


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