Alarrah Playthrough

Skyrim status update: Almost to level 8

Twitter thread from May 6, 2021, in which Alarrah discovers Miraak cultists, and runs Shroud Hearth Barrow near Ivarstead. Also, she is arrested for lockpicking!

Skyrim status update: Almost to level 8. Significant things accomplished today:

1. Tried to return to Whiterun, got found by cultists who screamed at me about being a false Dragonborn, and promptly fried my ass a couple of times

6:45 PM · May 6, 2021
2. Then went “okay FINE guess I’m not going back to Whiterun for now”, at which point I went back to Ivarstead and got found by the cultists AGAIN, but this time I backed off and let Lydia and the Ivarstead guards kill them

6:45 PM · May 6, 2021
HTTP 1.1/418 Teapot · @rmd1023

And then Lydia was grumpy about it?
6:46 PM · May 6, 2021
Angela Korra’ti · @annathepiper

(I SEE YOU BACK THERE PRETENDING NOT TO YAWN, Ms. “I’m Sworn to Carry Your Burdens”!)

6:49 PM · May 6, 2021
3. Took a few tries trying to figure out how to actually get into the lower part of the barrow, and I did finally resort to looking up a spoiler, at which point I went ‘derp’

4. Also had to look up a spoiler to figure out how to get past the last puzzle in the barrow

6:45 PM · May 6, 2021
5. Frost spells don’t seem too bad as long as I’m blocking with my shield!

6. Seriously, Lydia honey, GET OUT OF MY WAY

6:46 PM · May 6, 2021
7. Finally cleared Shroud Hearth Barrow, which took a few tries, as I had to figure out how to not only pick off skeletons from a distance, but _also_ keep Lydia from getting killed

6:46 PM · May 6, 2021
8. Also, what’s this “I’m sworn to carry your burdens” shit when I’m trying to give you better armor and healing potions because I like you and would like to keep you alive, mmkay?

2:34 PM · Apr 17, 2021
9. Realized I also had to try to find Klimmek in Ivarstead to report back to him and finish the “yes I took your supplies up to the Greybeards” quest. Made the mistake of trying to lockpick his front door, and got my ass arrested by guards and sent to Riften, oops?

6:47 PM · May 6, 2021
But I paid the fine and Lydia and I were free to go and now I can fast travel to Riften, yay?

10. But I did also find Klimmek and got 500 gold from him

11. And I also have a piece of a Shout for clearing the barrow

6:47 PM · May 6, 2021
Saved at this point, and probably will do the quest next to go get the horn that the Greybeards want me to fetch. Then probably follow Paul’s advice and buy a house in Whiterun, sell a bunch of loot, and then spend some time out on the plains getting better at archery.

6:47 PM · May 6, 2021


  1. This post was originally written on 3/16/2022, but backdated to the time of the tweet thread for organizational purposes.
  2. Updated post on 12/27/2022 to reconstruct the original Twitter thread, including replies, here in the post body. Removed all links to Twitter.

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