Delga Playthrough,  Dragonborn

In Which Delga Clears Yet More Draugr From Kolbjorn Barrow

Short session since this was on the last night of a three-day weekend, and therefore I couldn’t stay up too late playing Skyrim!

Main things accomplished: next visit to Kolbjorn Barrow; killing the bandit leader at Hrodulf’s House on behalf of the Skaal; and reaching Highpoint Tower to confront Ildari Sarothril.


  • Play date: 1/17/2022
  • Session number in this run: 76
  • Picked up stalhrim sword and enchanted it to bring it into duty action
  • Dropped off ingredients to lighten the load, and picked up several crafted potions to go sell
  • Headed out of Severin Manor, and cue the courier with a new message from Ralis
  • Sold stuff to Milore and Fethis
  • Headed out towards Kolbjorn Barrow
  • Attacked by random hostile Redguard who yelled “Die, you orc filth”, and hey fuck and YOU, lady
  • Made it to Kolbjorn and got the request from Ralis to head in and clear the place again; cleared the place and got the Ring of Arcana and the gauntlets
  • Went to Hrodulf’s House next to kill the bandit leader there
  • Killed a couple ash spawn outside first (though both of them ran off from me at first)
  • RIP house dudes
  • Made it to Highpoint Tower; heard explosion in the distance as I found the front steps, maybe distant pyromancer/cryomancer battle?
  • Killed a couple more ash spawn at the tower steps
  • Leveled up to 67 in that fight; took perk for casting Adept destruction spells for half magicka
  • Entered the tower and saved for the night


Not too long of a session so not too much commentary to give here, but I can at least say a few things.

One: Still don’t quite have the hang of using Telekinesis properly. I tried it again this time to get the Ring of Arcana in Kolbjorn Barrow, but screwed it up a couple times—I kept hitting the Shout button and having the game warn me I can’t do a Shout while trying to cast a spell. And I did wind up dunking the ring into the water once. But I only had to roll back a single time, and the second time through I got the ring correctly.

Two: Tried to do the puzzle in front of that little chamber by using the Slow Time Shout, since I have all three words of that at this point. But even with Slow Time active, I couldn’t seem to do the run across the tiles correctly. I did wind up solving it, but it took several tries, and I wound up doing it correctly without having the Shout.

Three: Still not really a fan of Hrodulf’s House on the general grounds of “only confirmed same-sex couple in the game is dead”. And I hadn’t planned to actually hit the place this playthrough. But, well, the Skaal chief sent me there with the radiant “go kill a bandit leader” quest.

And I gotta say, it is at least satisfying to kill the smug bandits mocking the letters left between the two former residents of the house.

And four: decided I need to put a little more effort into making my magic more effective. I do envision Delga as a battlemage, so if I decide to start throwing Destruction magic around, I need to not be running so quickly out of magicka! Hence dropping the perk on casting Adept level spells at half magicka.

Next time

Will probably focus on fully running Highpoint Tower and facing Ildari Sarothril. We’ll see what else I have time to do after that!


No screenshots this time as this was a very short session, and nothing new or distinctive presented itself.

Editing to add

  • 11/20/2023: Added play date and session number markers.

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