Faanshi Playthrough

In Which Faanshi Slays a Dragon Priest and Aids Some Forsworn

Two major items of note in this session: killing the dragon and the Dragon Priest Krosis at Shearpoint, and running the Forsworn Conspiracy in Markarth! With a side helping of thievery action as well.


  • Play date: 5/31/2022
  • Session number in this run: 19
  • Started at Riften and boinged to Whiterun
  • Sold a few things, then got Lydia on duty and headed for Shearpoint
  • Fought en route: one wolf, and then two vampires that had killed a Vigilant of Stendarr near Fellglow Keep
  • Reached Shearpoint and took out the Blood Dragon there with Lydia + storm atronach
  • Also threw Lydia + storm atronach at Krosis when he burst out of his sarcophagus; drove him down the mountainside and he didn’t come back up after us, so we were able to pelt him with lightning and arrows; Krosis successfully killed!
  • Looted the dragon and boss chest, and got the Throw Voice Shout
  • Overloaded, so gave Lydia a bunch of things so I could fast travel back to Whiterun; sold a bunch more stuff and bought iron and corundum
  • Boinged to Lakeview; Lydia volunteered to be steward so let her do so
  • Built out a lot more of the furnishings in the main house
  • Also started the bedroom version of that wing
  • Boinged back to Whiterun and did some alchemy at Breezehome
  • Robbed the house of Clan Gray-Mane for the Sweep Job (honestly, Avulstein, some alert Stormcloak you are)
  • Took the carriage from Whiterun to Markarth
  • Ran the Forsworn Conspiracy plot in parallel to selling Calcelmo the Dwarven Greatsword and also stealing the Stone of Barenziah from the Treasury, details below
  • After that, boinged back to Riften to check in at the Guild
  • Collected payment from Delvin, got new Bedlam Job for Solitude
  • Collected payment from Vex, got new Sweep Job for Windhelm
  • Boinged to mage college next
  • Paid Drevis for two rounds of Illusion training since that was all I had gold for
  • Saved at that point for the night


It was very satisfying to be able to take out Krosis at Shearpoint. Because now I can also summon storm atronachs, and those are actually more useful for ranged fighting than the dremora lords are. Particularly if your opponent is a mage and needs to have his magic disrupted by shock damage!

So that got me the Throw Voice Shout, which I will definitely need for running the East Empire warehouse.

And now Lydia is my steward at Lakeview. Works for me! I do like having two housecarls stationed at the various built houses, even if it means that the houses I have in the cities are unattended. I guess I can take the liberty of assuming that maybe Rayya and Lydia take turns checking on both Breezehome and Lakeview?

Conveniently, that gave Lyds something to do anyway while I ambled off for important thievery purposes. 😉 Like, say, robbing the Gray-Manes in Whiterun! And then going to Markarth!

Going to Markarth had two major goals: satisfying Delvin’s Bedlam Job by stealing one of the Stones of Barenziah, and doing the Forsworn Conspiracy plot in parallel since that’d give me an opportunity to be in the Treasury House anyway.

And this time through, I wound up playing several things a little differently in the Forsworn plot, just for a bit of variety:

  • Witnessed Weylin’s murder of Margret in the market, and yoinked Margret’s key off of her while the guards were trying to tell everybody to go about their business
  • Got the note from Eltrys
  • Chatted a little with Kerah about the murder just to get some new reactions to what just happened; she looked genuinely upset too, good level of detail to the situation
  • Went to sell the Dwarven Greatsword of Shocks to Calcelmo, then came back out to go to the shrine and talk to Eltrys
  • Since I yoinked Margret’s key, didn’t have to talk to the innkeeper to get access to her room
  • Heh, not difficult to brawl the dude outside the Warrens, squishy though I was, just because I had better armor and my fists have claws 😉
  • Stole the Stone of Barenziah in the Treasury while the fight broke out in front
  • Eltrys’ pregnant wife actually survived the fight in the Treasury this time! Yay!
  • Yoinked a bunch of things off the Forsworn couple and out of the ash pile that used to be Thonar’s wife (“Khajiit does not think you will be needing those, and also, she does not like you.”)
  • Before going to Nepos’ house, went to buy the Calm spell from Calcelmo, and also Steadfast Ward while I was at it
  • This did not however save my bacon when Nepos’ household agents attacked me, Uaile was too powerful for the Calm spell to work on her
  • So I had to flee to the shrine with the others coming after me; they killed me once, but thrown back to just coming into the shrine; called up the dremora and that settled that problem
  • Yoinked everything off Nepos, Uaile, and Morven (“Khajiit also does not like any of YOU.”)
  • Then surrendered to the guards (though lol, you would think I could have gotten out of there courtesy of my dremora, but whatevs)
  • Passed the Persuade check to get past Borkul to talk to Madanach, so didn’t have to bother to go get him a shiv
  • Amused myself mining five silver veins while I was down there (“Khajiit was ordered to dig, therefore she digs. She will however elect to keep this silver.”)
  • Actually killed Grisvar the Unlucky this time, since he fled down the tunnel rather than actually attacking me, and provoking the others into attacking him
  • Killed once by a Dwemer machine while fleeing out through the ruins with the Forsworn, but only thrown back to the beginning of that tunnel, so second time through I called up the dremora a couple of times to solve that problem
  • Hung back while the Forsworn rampaged their way out of the city
  • But this time also stripped all the slain guards, of which there were ten, yowza

And afterwards, I sold most of the gear I swiped off the guards right back to Ghorza at the forge. I can imagine Ghorza giving all the guard gear the side-eye, and Faanshi looking entirely innocent about it.

“What? Khajiit found all this armor and these weapons lying around. She could not take it back to the guards, so she brings it to you.”

Also, I made a point of transmuting most of the silver I got to gold. (Most, because I had 15 silver ores, and that only let me make 7 gold ingots, so I had a silver ore left over.) I figure Faanshi found it distasteful that she had to be thrown into the mine, but at least she made it out with some silver. And turning it into gold and then making jewelry from it at least lets her get some profit.

And, I got Ghorza’s favor quest to fetch the training book for her apprentice. So I can swing back to that later!

Thieves Guild job status

Oh hey, WordPress lets you actually create tables via blocks in the Gutenberg editor. So here’s a table to show the status of the special jobs I have to run for the Thieves Guild to unlock all the fences, and restore the rep of the Guild in all the major cities besides Riften.

CityJobs ScheduledJobs Done

Next time

Still have some prep to do before I’ll be ready to take on running the East Empire warehouse! I need the Invisibility spell, so I need my Illusion up high enough that Drevis will actually sell it to me. And I also need to unlock the Quiet Casting perk, and the one for halving the cost of Expert spells. I’ll be able to take the Quiet Casting perk on my next level up, and probably on the one after that, I’ll take the Adept Illusion perk.

Then that’ll give me access to unlocking the Expert one, as soon as my Illusion reaches 75.

Given that my Illusion is still in the 50’s, I definitely have some work to do in that respect.

Hmm, I think it’s time to work on some of my queued up side plots!


Editing to add

  • 11/22/2023: Restored missing gallery, and added play date and session number markers.

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