Elder Scrolls Online,  Marwyth Playthrough

In Which Marwyth Quests for Crows

And now, time to finish out Marwyth’s action on ESO for the tail end of January.

Mostly this was a very light week for Marwyth, with just a little bit of action in side questing in the Gold Coast during the Guilds and Glory event, running the Crow’s Wood public dungeon, and a bit of side quest followup in Clockwork City. Amusingly enough, both of these involved dealing with the Blackfeather Court!

Only about three days of actual action during this range of dates, so calling this three sessions.

Play by play

  • Play dates: 1/22-1/31/2024
  • Session numbers in this run: 100-102

January 23rd

  • Ran a daily in Gold Coast
  • Hit the delve with Razum-dar in it again, Garlas Agea, and since Marwyth actually hadn’t met Raz yet he had different dialogue for her than he’d had for Gyllerah

January 23rd addendum, written June 27th

  • Didn’t find original notes for this but screenshots say I ran dailies on the 23rd, and I confirmed this was with Marwyth
  • Dailies included the first run of the Crow’s Wood public dungeon by Davon’s Watch
  • And also what I think was my first run of Naril Nagaia in Greenshade, and running the plot there with the Thalmor mage whose notes were misused by the Veiled Heritance

January 25th

  • Went back to the Clockwork City with Mirri as backup
  • Ran the rest of the little side quest to find identification plates lying around outside the Brass Fortress; took those back to the Clockwork Registrar for a reward
  • Then picked up a quest from the Bursar of Tributes, one of the crows of the Blackfeather Court; he wanted me to steal a bunch of toys or dolls or games
  • Was a little fretful about how to do this until I remembered i could go do a run through the ships in Daggerfall!
  • Swapped off from Mirri to Ember, then raided the ships and did indeed get five toys
  • Returned to the Clockwork City to turn those in
  • Then hit the Outlaws Refuge by Cliffshade to fence everything else, and Ember was pleased by this!

January 28th

  • Would not normally call out general crafting anymore as a bullet point, but wanted to note here that I got a Perfect Roe off of filleting one single fish, and that hardly ever happens! \0/


This is a super short post! Although it technically covers the entire final week of January, a lot of Marwyth’s action that week was just running writs and stuff, with only about three days’ worth of actual adventuring as I noted at the top of the post.

Running Garlas Agea as Marwyth, and therefore meeting Razum-dar in there, was a little weird! Just because at that point, Marwyth had of course not seen him before, and he didn’t know who she was. So he had much more reserved dialogue for her than he’d had for Gyllerah.

I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that the visits to Crow’s Wood and Naril Nagaia that I’m documenting here were with Marwyth and not Gyllerah. I didn’t have notes pointing one way or the other. And it didn’t help that ESO doesn’t have an easy and obvious way to look up when a specific character has run a specific dungeon.

But then I realized that when you run a delve for the first time, you get an explorer achievement related to that. And that gave me the info I needed, because I confirmed in ESO’s Achievements UI that yes, Marwyth had been the one who got the Naril Nagaia Explorer achievement on January 23rd.

Which means that I hit Crow’s Wood with her just after finishing up Clockwork City. Which is kinda hilarious, given that the Blackfeather Court also features prominently in Crow’s Wood.

And I didn’t remember this until I reviewed the screenshots–but I did in fact have a dialogue option with the Knave of Rooks that pointed out that I’d already met the Blackfeather Court in Clockwork City. So apparently when Clockwork City dropped, ZOS for once did actually go back and finesse that dialogue a bit to account for the player potentially having done the DLC first!

Mind you, it didn’t actually impact my conversation with the Knave of Rooks much. His only acknowledgement of our prior interaction was to bitch about how much he hated the Clockwork City and to tell me never to speak of it again. LOL.

And now Marwyth is considered a citizen of Crow’s Wood and has a whistle to call crows to feed on corpses, if she wants. Yay?

As for the main plot in Crow’s Wood, I rather liked it. I had to help a fellow Dunmer track down his missing father, who, it turned out, had made a bargain with a daedra called Crow Mother. She had the form of a hagraven, and according to the wiki, she’s actually the mother of the Blackfeather Court! The father in this plot wanted power from her, and promised to stay with her in exchange for it. But when I found Crow Mother and learned more about what was going on, I then learned that the father absolutely refused to hold up his side of the bargain.

At this point I had a few options:

  1. Slay Crow Mother
  2. Slay both her and the father
  3. Make the father live up to his bargain

I went with option number three. Just because it felt just outright mean to attack an apparently peaceful daedra, even if she was in hagraven form. Plus, it also felt like a bad move given that I was in the good graces of the Blackfeather Court. I’m sure that they’d have taken it very badly if I’d killed off their mother! (At least, in a narrative sense. I don’t think the game actually does anything in that direction if you kill her off?)

Meanwhile, Naril Nagaia was chock full of Veiled Heritance baddies, about which Marwyth had no fucks to give as she’s Ebonheart Pact rather than Aldmeri Dominion. I had to laugh, though, at this being another plot that has the player wind up doing something good for the Thalmor. To this day, that still feels wrong to me. ;D

And I got more crow action running a Clockwork City daily for the Bursar of Tributes, too. And it pleased me that I was able to satisfy the quest just by doing a raid on the ships in Daggerfall. I’ve written before that I don’t usually care to go through the mechanics of most thievery actions in the game, so having a known way to do this was helpful.

Plus, I got to be amused at how happy Ember is every time I take her into an Outlaws Refuge!

Last but not least, shoutout to that fish filleting on January 28th where I filleted one fish, and got a Perfect Roe off of it. The RNG was kind on that day. 😀

Next time

Marwyth’s next post will feature kicking off her turn at the Summerset plot originally run by Gyllerah; moving the Main Quest a little further along; and additional side quest action in Clockwork City.


No screenshots this time.

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