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Posts pertaining to my Elder Scrolls Online playthrough of Marwyth the Dunmer

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    In Which Marwyth Reconnects a Dunmer With His Ancestors

    And, finally, swinging back around to catch up with Marwyth on ESO. I’m instituting the same rule with Marwyth that I am with Gyllerah: that it doesn’t count as a play session if I don’t actually get the character out adventuring. Logging in to get daily rewards and just do writs doesn’t count. This is to just make it easier for me to track my notes and do posts!

    So with that in mind, this is a catchup post for the small number of times I’ve actually adventured with Marwyth since late August.

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Marwyth Playthrough

    In Which Marwyth Quests Across Vvardenfell

    Way behind on my ESO posts again, but honestly, haven’t much felt the groove of playing ESO lately. I am feeling kind of fatigued by the sheer size of the world, and am taking a bit of a break to recharge. I’ll be back soon enough, I’m sure!

    Meanwhile, here’s some catchup on what’s going on with Marwyth. Main action here: running the Scarlet Judge plot on Vvardenfell, which I liked quite a bit; running the side plot with the ebony mine in Balmora, which I did not enjoy at at all; and continuing with Vvardenfell’s main quest line.

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Marwyth Playthrough

    In Which Marwyth Goes to Vvardenfell

    Back to my alt Marwyth in ESO! Main action of this post: beginning the overall Daedric War storyline, starting with running the Missing Prophecy prologue quest, and then proceeding to the start of the action in Vvardenfell. Where Marwyth–Ashlander by birth and Tribunal-denying heretic–is really not at all comfortable with being in a position where she has to work on behalf of Vivec. ;D

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    In Which Marwyth Defeats a Plague-Bringer, and Also Skin-Stealers

    Covering a large span of days in this ESO post. But it’s fewer days played than you’d expect, since I didn’t play Marwyth every single day for most of July.

    Main action in this post: finishing up the zone plot in Deshaan, and defeating Magistrix Vox; nudging the main quest a little further along; and beginning action in Shadowfen in the next phase of the Ebonheart Pact storyline.

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    In Which Marwyth Saves Mournhold and Helps a Dremora

    Swinging back now to clear more of my ESO play action out of the backlog. Here’s about a week’s worth of action with Marwyth the thief, featuring helping her fellow thief Quen learn more about her background, fighting the Maulborn in Obsidian Gorge and Mournhold, coming to the attention of Almalexia (yikes), and helping the dremora Lyranth fight against the cultists of the Waking Flame.

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Marwyth Playthrough

    In Which Marwyth Saves Stonefalls and Fights a Plague in Deshaan

    I’m seriously behind on my ESO playthrough posts. But before I get into this one, I want to call out the recent news about a Zenimax employee, Leona Faren, having been basically railroaded into resigning after months of abuse by a transphobic manager. I am seriously pissed off about this, as I wrote in the other post.

    For the time being, I am not bailing on the Elder Scrolls games I already own; they’re too important to me as a means of maintaining my mental well-being until my household can finally abandon our COVID precautions. We are not to that point yet, and we don’t know when we will be.

    But I will not be giving ESO any further money, and I will also not be buying Starfield. And I’ll be monitoring the situation to see how it proceeds. Also, I will totally understand if anybody who’s been following this blog’s posts until now is even more pissed off at Zenimax than I am right now and needs to stand down from following my playthroughs.

    Right? Right. So let’s talk about what Marwyth did from 6/13 to 6/19.

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    In Which Marwyth Joins Some Guilds, Picks Some Pockets, and Robs Some Ships

    A bunch of my ESO posts lately have been gigantic, since I’ve been jamming a bunch of days into them. But with this new alt of mine I’m pulling that back some, just because there’s been a lot of stuff to cover, and I’d be writing clear into next month if I tried to cover it all in one post.

    So here’s one where the major highlight was joining the Thieves Guild!

  • Elder Scrolls Online,  Marwyth Playthrough

    In Which Marwyth Becomes a Vestige

    Here, have a big drop of sessions for my ESO alt! Here’s five whole sessions at once with Marwyth, in which I did more action in Stonefalls; ran the opening act of the main quest in Coldharbour; and also did a side jaunt off with Gwendis of House Ravenwatch. And also, I started picking up on which things you can share between characters if you have multiple characters in ESO, and which things you cannot!