• Harrowhark Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Harrowhark Becomes a Thief–and a Vampire

    This was a huge eventful session, in which I did a great deal of things initially in an attempt to get Vilja killed off. But she kept doggedly holding her own in battle! So i finally punted to a backup plan, which resulted in the dismissal of all of Harrow’s followers–but also in her becoming infected with Sanguinare Vampiris, and fleeing her party’s company rather than risk endangering them. So now she’s run off to join the Thieves Guild in Riften…

    But her disease has run its course. And now she’s a vampire.

    This post is enormous, since a lot of things happened in it. You may want to grab a snack or a drink before you settle in with this one!

  • Ysani Playthrough

    In Which Ysani Quests for the Bards College

    Primary point of this session was doing the instrument finding quests for the Bards College, and getting the resulting skill bumps from them! And I began running Mzulft for the mage college plot.

    (Also, this is not actually yesterday’s session–this is the session from Saturday. I never did put up this post yesterday, because of being out for a good chunk of the afternoon running errands. The post for yesterday’s play is forthcoming!)

  • Ysani Playthrough

    In Which Ysani Fights Bandits, Spriggans, and a Dragon

    This session was all about fairly minor side quests, the sorts of early-stage stuff in the game that lets you get your feet under you as you level up. Mostly, this meant setting the stage to become thane in Falkreath.

    Got in a lot of bandit fighting, though, as well as multiple spriggans and a dragon. And practice with the whole strategy of throwing my best spells as soon as I see a combat situation coming, and getting the fuck out of the way so Lydia and my atronach can charge at whatever’s about to attack.