• Alarrah Playthrough

    In Which the Dragonborn Hunts for Fun and Profit

    No particular goal to yesterday’s Skyrim playing, really; I wanted another break from the bigger quests, and to see what I could do about building a gold reserve to go buy Proudspire Manor. Plus, I wanted to use the elven bow for a while to hunt things and refill some of my soul gems. But even though I had no particular quest-related goal, I did have a few interesting encounters!

    So what I wound up doing included:

    • Another hunting run in the plains around Whiterun
    • Encountered M’aiq the Liar
    • Encountered a jester-type character called Cicero
    • Additional smithing and potion crafting to sell stuff
    • Following up on a treasure map I’d come across to find a treasure near Riverwood
    • Killing another dragon (like you do, if you’re the Dragonborn)