• Merawen Playthrough

    Skills comparison between Merawen and Alarrah

    Folks who follow me on social media have already seen these videos on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, but for those of you who read my blog or who follow me on Dreamwidth, here’s a post doing some skills comparison between the two Skyrim runs I’ve done so far!

    This gets a separate post from Merawen’s main playthrough posts, because it’s not directly related to Merawen’s playthrough actions. But she did just hit level 62, and I wanted to take the chance to call that out. Because level 62 is where I got with Alarrah when I decided to retire the character.

    And Merawen is not yet done with Dragonborn-related content. Nor has she finished the main plot. So I feel like I’ve got at least a couple more weeks of play time with her before I get to the point of retiring her.

    Because of this, I thought it’d be interesting to compare where her skills are at now vs. where Alarrah’s were when I stopped playing that run!

    (Stats geekery and a couple of videos behind the fold.)