• Ysani Playthrough

    In Which Ysani Quests for the Bards College

    Primary point of this session was doing the instrument finding quests for the Bards College, and getting the resulting skill bumps from them! And I began running Mzulft for the mage college plot.

    (Also, this is not actually yesterday’s session–this is the session from Saturday. I never did put up this post yesterday, because of being out for a good chunk of the afternoon running errands. The post for yesterday’s play is forthcoming!)

  • Merawen Playthrough

    In Which Merawen Joins the Bard’s College, Gets Azura’s Star, and Becomes Thane of Winterhold

    This was another one of those sessions where I was all over the map. Just about everything I did in this run was stuff I’d already done as Alarrah but which I enjoyed, so I wanted to do again–plus, the skill bonuses were important and I wanted to rack those up. I moved the mage college plot along a little further, ran the entire bard college plot, got Azura’s Star, and became thane of Winterhold. And oh yes, I also finally fully furnished Breezehome.

    I did however also do a few new things, including trying out housecarl Rayya as a follower, running the Yngvild dungeon, and doing a thievery job in Windhelm that required me to break into the house of Brunwulf Free-Winter.