• Ancient Edict

    This is a transcription of a note called “Ancient Edict”, which you can find if you’re running the Immersive College of Winterhold mod in Skyrim, and in particular running the Fall of Winterhold quest it provides. The note is rendered in a very small font that could make it tough to read for some users, so I have transcribed it here.

    Blood of the traitor Beinaarkh, unwillingly taken.

    Seat of the power that broke his head.

    Separate forever so bones lie dead,

    and blue wings ne’er again glide.

    Good friend for Ysmir sake abide.

    Else burn like the souls who worshipped pride!


    Here is a screenshot of the note in question, taken during my modded Skyrim playthrough on my Steam Deck.

    Ancient Edict
    Ancient Edict
  • Elder Vindar’s Journal

    This is a transcription of a journal found in Skyrim if you’re running the Immersive College of Winterhold mod, and if you’re running the Fall of Winterhold quest that that mod provides. The transcription is provided here for ease of reading, if you have trouble reading the journal itself during your playthrough.

    Property of the Temple of the Gods

    Rain’s Hand – 4E122

    Morndas 1st: Feykirson has missed his third sermon in a row! I doubt he’ll return to the temple before his father returns or before this storm abates. This congregation has been shrinking for too long! Elder Rohdi had advised incorporating select Daedra into our pantheon to attract the Dunmer, but I fear this would alienate the indigenous Nords.

    Tirdas 2nd: The Sea of Ghosts has practically come alive these past days. Aneka was hanged at dawn for allowing crates of skooma through the harbour gates last month, but the execution had to take place in the market to protect against the biting wind and rain.

    Subaru was keen to send a strong message to other distributors. The council has advised offering clemency to anyone who confesses for fear of driving the trade underground, although I suspect it has more to do with avoiding capital punishment for the Jarl’s son, whose propensity for such substances is an open secret. In the meantime, the skooma crates have been entrusted to the temple for safe-keeping as the barracks are being used to run invasion drills.

    Middas 3rd: Large swathes of the lower city were flooded-out through the night. The temple has offered sanctuary until the water can be dredged. Despite this charity most venture to the College to seek cures for brainrot and rockjoint, which are reaching epidemic levels, rather than seek healing through prayer. As if some potion is any substitute!

    But perhaps some concoctions can be put to good use. I emptied half a vial of skooma into the thurible at today’s sermon along with a few sprigs of elves ear to mask the odour. A few sips on a cure-poison draught have protected me from the substance but the effects on today’s congregation were incredible! Margritte and several others leapt to their feet in joy as the sermon ended, exclaiming that they’d never felt so close to the gods. Perhaps I can save this temple and decimate the skooma supply simultaneously…

    Turdas 4th: Word has spread fast of the renewed power of my sermons. Several familiar faces and a few new have joined the congregation – even Feykirson has returned! Flood-refugees have taken up an active role in the upkeep of the temple and grounds. This place feels more alive than ever. Word has it Arnold of the guard has become interested in the shifting skooma trade, but the true cause is easily obfuscated. Ships have not docked since Morndas and Aneka’s execution has made dealers far more cautious, I tell him. Nevertheless, there have been no skooma related incidents since Aneka’s shipment was seized. Brainrot and rockjoint still plague the streets but there is renewed interest in the power of prayer to cure such ills…

    Fredas 5th: An Altmer shipment of wheat and exotic fauna was wrecked today just off the coast. Of 32 crew only 4 survived, each taken to the College for healing. It appears the animals also perished. Members of the congregation are willing to brave the elements to attend sermons so I have equipped them with supplies for delivery to the elderly, people the College seems unconcerned about.

    Loredas 6th: The gods have forsaken us on this day. Come midday the storm seemed to have all but passed; the rain ceased, thunder quieted and the Sea of Ghosts receded. Only it continued to recede until the Elven wreck was left high and dry. Seagulls flocked south and several hounds burst from their kennels and fled. Over the horizon, a wall of water twice the height of the gates swept towards the city and crashed against the coast. The very heavens shuddered and the entire city slid down towards the sea! Great mountains of stone like the jaws of Nirn came up over the walls and crashed shut above the Temple. Everything went dark. Everything is still dark. Where is Stendarr’s guiding light?

    Tirdas 9th: Those of us that were in the Temple managed to collect and prepare a few bodies from the market but the Palace district is gone. Feykirson disappeared in the night. Screams – barely human – echo through the ruins. The gravity of our situation is not lost on me. Are we to die here of starvation, thirst or suffocation? Worse, fall victim to savagery? Our final moments will not be so desperate. I’ve emptied three vials of skooma into the thurible before I make my final address. Gods have mercy on us, and let it be known that Elder Vindar worshipped no pride!


    Here’s the screenshost of what the journal’s pages looked like in the actual game.

  • College of Winterhold Entrance Examinations 4E 122

    This is a transcription of a note called “College of Winterhold Entry Examinations 4E 122”, found in Skyrim if you are running the Immersive College of Winterhold mod, and if you are running the Fall of Winterhold quest that mod makes available to you once you become Arch-Mage.

    College of Winterhold

    Entry Examinations 4E 122

    This examination consists of:

    A: a two-hour written component. Answer three of five questions provided.

    B: a one-hour practical component. Successfully cast one spell from the tomes provided.

    Answer three questions:

    1. With specific reference to Irlav Jarol’s treatise “Magic from the Sky”, compare and contrast two opposing theories concerning the source of magicka on Nirn.
    2. Discuss public opinion towards practitioners of magic before and after the Oblivion Crisis.
    3. Translate the following Daedric script to Cyrodillic script:[1]
    4. According to which sources was the disappearance of the Dwemer the result of experimentation by Chief Tonal-Architect Kagrenac on the Heart of Lorkhan? Critically evaluate the veracity of these sources.
    5. To what extent have theological interests helped and hindered research in the School of Restoration?


    1. I could not reproduce the Daedric characters in this transcription, so please refer to the screenshots below for what the characters look like. There is a page about the Daedric alphabet on uesp.net, where you can cross-check the characters if you want to try to translate them.


    Here are screenshots of what this exam actually looks like in a game with the mod installed. These screenshots were taken via my Steam Deck, and I apologize in advance for the “hi, you just took a screencap” notifications in the bottom right corners on the third and fourth pics.

  • Transcriptions for Immersive College of Winterhold

    This page is for a few transcriptions I did of materials found in the Immersive College of Winterhold mod. I wanted to do some transcriptions just to capture a textual version of a few papers and journals I read during the course of the Fall of Winterhold quest.

    If you want to see these materials in your own playthrough, you should install the mod!

    Transcriptions I’ve done here currently include: