Elder Scrolls Online,  Gyllerah Playthrough

In Which Gyllerah Solves a Staff Problem for the Psijic Order

Back to Gyllerah on ESO! Pretty short post, with the primary action here being finishing off the Psijic Order plotline, finally.

Play by play

  • Play dates: 8/10-8/11, 8/15-8/17, 8/19, 8/23/23
  • Session numbers in this run: 291-297


  • Usual writ running on most of the days covered on this post
  • Harvesting of stuff on Artaeum (pardon me, I’m going to have to commandeer this corn and metheglin for IMPORTANT PSIJIC ORDER PURPOSES) and on Summerset around Alinor
  • Master writ action (jewelry and alchemy)

Thursday the 10th

  • Ran Lady Llarel’s Shelter delve in Deshaan to try to get a couple more Nightmother’s Embrace pieces for Marwyth
  • Local plot was a Dark Elf who died in the mine to try to get kwama eggs for his mother
  • Killed boss, got skyshard, also got eggs to take back to the guy’s mother
  • Came out and found that the nearby dolmen was firing off so ran over to get in on that action
  • That did nab me a necklace for the set
  • Then headed eastward to try to find the mother
  • Ran another delve, Lower Bthuanal, but this one had no local plot I could immediately get at so kinda dull
  • Finally found the mother and gave the poor lady her eggs
  • Then switched to Marwyth

Tuesday the 15th

  • Went to Rivenspire to try to close some breaches and move the Psijic Order plot further along
  • Mostly was able to avoid local plots, though I did have to kill a few local hostiles: giant bats, spiders, wolves, some bloodfiends
  • Interesting looking locations to note for later:
    • Shadowfate Cavern
    • Aesar’s Web (world boss location)
    • Crestshade
  • Eyebright Feld Dolmen fired off while I was exploring around Aesar’s Web, so ran over to contribute to that fight; take that, Molag Bal!
  • Returned to Cliffshade after that for inventory managing and logged off for the night

Wednesday the 16th

  • After writ running and harvesting, boinged off to Rivenspire and closed three more breeches
  • Only briefly had to fight hostiles, mostly snuck my way through the relevant areas
  • Heard a dolmen fire off but didn’t get close enough to it to join in
  • Did find more platinum though and enough to finish off the jewelry writ
  • Returned to Cliffshade to do that, then logged off for the night

Thursday the 17th

  • Boinged to Rivenspire to close out the remaining breaches
  • Most interesting of which was on a shipwreck involved with a plot at Northpoint in which Darien Gautier will be involved, LOL, will look out for this when I run Cadwell’s Gold
  • Returned to Cliffshade for inventory managing and logged off for the night

Saturday the 19th

  • Ran the rest of the Psijic Order plotline
  • Reported in to Loremaster Celarus and then to Josajeh, who’d been yoinked off the staff project because the loremaster could tell it was still too damned personal for her
  • Went off to close breaches in Craglorn
  • Discovered a few more locations while there
  • Then got pinged by the loremaster to come back to Artaeum
  • OHNOEZ Josajeh stole the staff! I AM SHOCKED, SHOCKED I SAY, by this development
  • Had to then go to Divad’s Chagrin in the Alik’r desert to find her
  • The mine turned out to be a delve with a bunch of goblins in it
  • Went in, killed some goblins, found the skyshard, then found the breach
  • And landed in the throne room of the White-Gold Tower, I think? Only outside of time
  • Started fighting multiple Josajehs, who killed me a couple of times, ouch
  • Finally called in Ember for help, and took out “Ritemaster Josajeh”
  • Real Josajeh then was all OH SHIT WHAT HAVE I DONE
  • The relicmaster and the loremaster showed up to take custody of her
  • Went back through the portal to Artaeum
  • Had a chat with the Augur about what to do with it; it reminded me that I’d previously promised to set it free
  • Took the option of giving it to Josajeh as the Psijics exiled her back to Tamriel, and booted her out of the Order
  • I was proclaimed a full Psijic
  • Returned to Cliffshade at that point for inventory managing, finishing off writs, and selling stuff to clear my backlog
  • Logged out for the night


Mostly, this post is about my trying to finish up the Psijic Order plot. As I noted on a prior post, I was really dragging my feet on this one just because I got to a point of being way less interested in just wandering around looking for time breeches to close.

And ultimately I found this plot a bit of a letdown. The Augur of the Obscure is pretty great as a character, and the whole plot is a nice little character study of Josajeh. But compared to the main plots for the Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild, this plot seemed surprisingly smaller in scope. It seemed to be way more about “this one particular mage is having a real hard time dealing with her traumatic past” than it was about “this particular artifact is a danger to ALL CREATION and we must not let it get into the wrong hands!”

That said: I’m not entirely sure this is a bad thing. Partly because the Psijics are also super involved in the zone plot for Summerset, and you do in fact have to sign up with the Psijics as part of running that plot. Which definitely has big world-threatening scope to it. So I suppose that having a plot purely internal to the Psijics that also has big world-threatening scope would be a bit much.

So now at least I have the Psijic Order plotline finished up. <3 I’m a little sad I didn’t get a full Psijic costume off of that, but I suppose that’s because there’s an entire Psijic armor style, so if you want to wear their gear you can just learn that style and make some? (Though this didn’t stop there being a Thieves Guild leathers costume even though there’s a whole Thieves Guild armor style, too!)


No screenshots this time.

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