• Ysani Playthrough

    In Which Ysani Restores the Gildergreen and Adopts a Dog

    This was a lower-key session, in which I took care of several small side items, as well general building at both Lakeview and Windstad. Main things accomplished: clearing High Gate Ruins, taking out the dragon at Skyborn Altar for a bounty, and helping Danica Pure-Spring with the Gildergreen in Whiterun.

    (This post is for the play session done on Wednesday 2/23. Thursday 2/24’s post will be forthcoming shortly!)

  • Ysani Playthrough

    In Which Ysani Seeks the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller and Becomes Thane of Falkreath

    This was a nicely action-packed session, seeing the clearing of Treva’s Watch and the payment of the bounty for the bandit chief there, as well as venturing into Ustengrav in search of the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. Plus, I have now fully furnished Breezehome, and become thane in Falkreath.

    And I didn’t actively plan to initiate the Thieves Guild plotline this session, but it kinda worked out that way!

  • Merawen Playthrough

    In Which Merawen Hunts Crimson Nirnroot, the Pale Lady, Bandits, and Bears

    This session got a little more random than I planned going in! But this was kind of cool regardless, as I did some wandering around on foot to try to see if I could have anything interesting happen–and to get opportunities to exercise the Heavy Armor skill. I was pleased to find at least one totally brand new location I never saw during Alarrah’s run!

    With the exception of finding the Lunar Forge, though, this was all familiar territory. So again, I’ll be focusing on the bits that were different this time vs. what happened when Alarrah did them.