• Elder Scrolls Online,  Gyllerah Playthrough

    In Which Gyllerah Meets Mirri and Vastarie, and Acquires a Dragonhorn

    Finally getting down to the end of my backlogged 2023 posts! Here’s the very last one I’ll be putting up for Gyllerah on ESO, before I start getting into Gyllerah’s action in 2024.

    As per several previous recent ESO posts, I’m only counting “sessions” as play days where I do so something above and beyond crafting or fishing. Any day in this post not explicitly described, you may assume I logged in and did basic crafting, writs, fishing, etc.

    Main highlights of this post’s action: running the Gloomreach delve in the Reach and adventuring down into Blackreach; running the quest to pick up Mirri as my second official ESO Companion; meeting Vastarie the necromancer; and pushing the quest further along in Northern Elsweyr.

  • Kendeshel Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Kendeshel Becomes Thane of Eastmarch and Haafingar, and Goes to Wyrmstooth

    Now back to Kendeshel! This is a mix of vanilla Skyrim content as well as modded stuff. Vanilla action includes some side questing, but also running Blood on the Ice in Windhelm; buying Hjerim; becoming thane of Eastmarch; taking out the Thalmor assassin threatening Malborn; clearing Lost Knife Hideout and getting the Headman’s Cleaver; retrieving the White Phial in Forsaken Cave; slaying Potema; buying Proudspire Manor; and becoming thane of Haafingar.

    This post contains spoilers for three of the mods I’m running in this playthrough: major spoilers for Legacy of the Dragonborn and Wyrmstooth, and minor post-plot spoilers for Moon and Star. Legacy spoilers are specific to the Excavation of Windcaller Pass quest, and Wyrmstooth’s spoilers are for the beginning of its overall plot. Read with caution if you’re not already familiar with these mods.

  • Finds-The-Way Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Finds-The-Way Slays Sahloknir and Joins the Thieves Guild

    A three-session post, just to clear my queue! Primary action here is slaying Sahloknir at Kynesgrove, and also joining the Thieves Guild! With a bunch of side action involving bear hunting, getting the plot started at Largashbur, raiding Lost Valley Redoubt for the Word of Power there, and finding out where the location is for some of the Anniversary Edition content I haven’t actually run yet.