• Kendeshel Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Kendeshel Explores the Ruins of Winterhold

    Back to Kendeshel’s playthrough! After this one I have four more playthrough posts left for catching up on 2023, then I can work on getting caught up on 2024’s posts!

    Main action here: running the Fall of Winterhold quest added in by Immersive College of Winterhold; taking out Tyra Blood-Fire, the Seducers bandits near Forsaken Cave, and the dragon Viinturuth; and doing a little light thievery on behalf of the East Empire Company in Windhelm.

  • Kendeshel Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Kendeshel Becomes Thane of Eastmarch and Haafingar, and Goes to Wyrmstooth

    Now back to Kendeshel! This is a mix of vanilla Skyrim content as well as modded stuff. Vanilla action includes some side questing, but also running Blood on the Ice in Windhelm; buying Hjerim; becoming thane of Eastmarch; taking out the Thalmor assassin threatening Malborn; clearing Lost Knife Hideout and getting the Headman’s Cleaver; retrieving the White Phial in Forsaken Cave; slaying Potema; buying Proudspire Manor; and becoming thane of Haafingar.

    This post contains spoilers for three of the mods I’m running in this playthrough: major spoilers for Legacy of the Dragonborn and Wyrmstooth, and minor post-plot spoilers for Moon and Star. Legacy spoilers are specific to the Excavation of Windcaller Pass quest, and Wyrmstooth’s spoilers are for the beginning of its overall plot. Read with caution if you’re not already familiar with these mods.

  • Kendis Playthrough,  Skyrim

    In Which Kendis Becomes Thane of Eastmarch

    Double session post, in which the main two items of interest are Kendis getting the thaneship of Eastmarch, and finishing up renovations of her brand new Dwemer-themed home.

    With a side helping of punching the daylights out of Rolff in Windhelm, because punching Rolff is a thing that all just and right-thinking Dragonborn should do. Preferably on a regular basis.

  • Delga Playthrough,  Dragonborn

    In Which Delga Marries, Adopts Children, and Retakes Thirsk Mead Hall

    This session turned out to be a bit more eventful than planned–in no small part because I finally went ahead and got married, and adopted two children! All because Neloth decided to order me to go look at a Briarheart for him, which in turned required leaving Solstheim again for a trip back to the mainland.

    Who I married: Aela the Huntress! Who I adopted: Sofie and Lucia. Where I settled them: Lakeview Manor.

    Deets behind the fold!

  • Delga Playthrough,  Dragonborn

    In Which Delga Goes to Solstheim

    Note to all: This post is several days after the fact, since my house Internet went down on Thursday 1/6/2022, and only has come up again five days later. Not cross-posting this to Dreamwidth because I put up a mirror version of this same post on that site already, here.

    With this session, I officially kick off the Dragonborn DLC activity for this playthrough! And the way the session action played out, Delga and her housecarl Calder made it to Solstheim and almost immediately got caught up in the mystery of what’s going on with Miraak taking over the minds of the people of the island.

  • Delga Playthrough

    In Which Delga Lays Her Steward to Rest

    This was an extremely low-key session, in which I focused on a circuit through all of Delga’s houses. I gathered loot for selling, did a bunch of crafting, got level 62’s round of training, and in general prepared to head over to Solstheim and tackle the Dragonborn plot.

    And, notably, I spent some time making a proper resting place for poor deceased Ria, Companion and my steward at Heljarchen Hall.