Clothing Warmth Ratings

This page tracks Warmth ratings for various types of clothing in Skyrim when playing Survival Mode. It includes all clothing included in vanilla Skyrim, as well as armor included in the Anniversary Edition.

Armor added by mods is not covered.

Unless otherwise specified, all game IDs for items listed here are pulled from relevant pages on The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages. Please refer to that site for more in-depth information on all items.

I give permission for other Skyrim wiki and/or fandom sites to copy over this information, but if you do so, I would appreciate a link back to this page or to the homepage of Anna Plays Skyrim. Thank you in advance.

Information here is based on observations during my Survival Mode playthrough, now in progress. It is therefore a work in progress. Interested players should periodically come back and check this page for updates.

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Hats and hoods

ItemGame IDRating
Alik’r Hood0007BC1A18
Fishing Hatxx0008E418
Mage Hood000D3DE829
Necromancer HoodFExxx8F618
Necromancer Hood of Eminent MagickaFExxx91418
Necromancer Hood of MagickaFExxx91218

General clothing

ItemGame IDRating
Belted Tunic0001BE1A27
Blacksmith’s Apron0005B69F27
Captain Clothes (From Dead Man’s Dread)xx0008A8, xx0008AF27
Clothes (General Brown)000F122927
Clothes (Green and White)0001769527
Clothes (Merchant)0004223C27
Hammerfell Garb0007BC1927
Roughspun Tunic (From Helgen)0003C9FE27


ItemGame IDRating
Cultist Robesxx037b8a27
Necromancer RobesFExxx8F727
Necromancer Robes of QuickeningFExxx90A27
Necromancer Robes of ReplenishingFExxx90C27
Novice Robes of Alteration0010d66927
Novice Robes of Conjuration0010d66a27
Novice Robes of Destruction & AlterationFExxx82727
Novice Robes of Illusion0010d67127
Novice Robes of Restoration0010d66b27




ItemGame IDRating
Captain Boots (From Dead Man’s Dread)xx0008C5, xx0008E227
Cultist Bootsxx037b8e13
Fine Boots0008699324
Fishing Bootsxx0008E113
Redguard Boots0007BC1513

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