Light Armor Warmth Ratings

This page tracks Warmth ratings for various types of light armor in Skyrim when playing Survival Mode. It includes all armor included in vanilla Skyrim, as well as armor included in the Anniversary Edition.

Armor added by mods is not covered.

Unless otherwise specified, all game IDs for items listed here are pulled from relevant pages on The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages. Please refer to that site for more in-depth information on all items.

I give permission for other Skyrim wiki and/or fandom sites to copy over this information, but if you do so, I would appreciate a link back to this page or to the homepage of Anna Plays Skyrim. Thank you in advance.

Information here is based on observations during my Survival Mode playthrough, now in progress. It is therefore a work in progress. Interested players should periodically come back and check this page for updates.

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Helmets and hoods

ItemGame IDRating
Fur Helmet0006f39e29
Hide Helmet0001391318
Imperial Light Helmet00013edb18
Leather Helmet0001392218
Leather Scout HelmetFExxx80318
Orcish Scaled HelmetFExxx80329
Scaled Helmet0001b3a118
Studded Dragonscale HelmetFExxx80329
Whiterun Guard's Helmet0002161518


ItemGame IDRating
Fur Armor0010594f54
Fur Armor0010594b36
Hide Armor0001391127
Leather Scout ArmorFExxx80127
Orcish Scaled ArmorFExxx80054
Studded Armor0001b3a227
Studded Dragonscale ArmorFExxx80154
Studded Imperial Armor00013ed827
Whiterun Guard's Armor0002150d27


All shields observed so far have a 0 warmth rating.

Gloves and bracers

ItemGame IDRating
Brawler's Hide BracersFExxx84B13
Cultist Glovesxx037b8c13
Elven Gauntlets0001391c13
Fur Bracers0006f39b24
Leather Bracers0001392113
Orcish Scaled GauntletsFExxx80224
Studded Dragonscale GauntletsFExxx80224


ItemGame IDRating
Elven Boots0001391a13
Fur Boots (Stormcloak)000a6d7f24
Fur Shoes0006f39824
Hide Boots0001391013
Leather Boots0001392013
Orcish Scaled BootsFExxx80024
Studded Dragonscale BootsFExxx80024

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