Skyrim Survival Mode Warmth Ratings

This page tracks warmth ratings for various types of armor, clothing, and other worn items when you’re playing Skyrim in Survival Mode. I’m tracking this on my site because the two main wikis I use for my playthrough reference sources, The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages and The Elder Scrolls Wiki, are not tracking this information as far as I can tell. And I’ve seen multiple Reddit or forum threads where players are asking about this information.

I’m hoping that if I compile it here on my site, it will be useful to other Skyrim players.

I give permission for the information I gather here to be copied over to other Skyrim fandom sites, but if you copy my information, I would appreciate being credited in a footnote with a link back to this page, or to the main page of Anna Plays Skyrim.

Information gathered here is strictly to track the known Warmth ratings for all types of worn items observed in my Survival Mode playthrough. Since that playthrough has just begun, this page is therefore a work in progress. Interested players should bookmark this page and come back to it periodically to check on updates.

Items will include:

  • Armor of all types
  • Clothing
  • Other worn items such as hats, gloves, and boots

I will be trackingĀ only the Warmth rating for these items. For other stats, I encourage players to visit the wikis I link to above, where more general armor stats are covered in great detail.

My playthrough is the Anniversary Edition, with all AE content, but without mods. Therefore items covered on this pageĀ only include what’s available in the unmodded Anniversary Edition.

In the interests of avoiding one gigantic page of tables, I’m splitting this out into sub-pages. Please consult the following:

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