• Ysani Playthrough

    In Which Ysani Fights Her First Dragon

    Now we’re getting the game underway in earnest, with Ysani Demers making it through investigating Bleak Falls Barrow and returning to Whiterun–only to have a huge surprise when she’s called upon to help fight off a dragon at the Western Watchtower.

    Surprise, Ysani! You’re Dragonborn! Or, rather, “Enfant de dragon!”

  • Delga Playthrough

    The Saga of Delga Begins

    Herein begins the third of my Skyrim playthroughs, featuring the orc warrior Delga! My main goals with her are to play a couple of aspects of the game I haven’t pursued yet as either Alarrah or Merawen, namely:

    • Joining the Companions
    • Playing the Imperial side of the war

    So let’s get down to it, shall we?

  • Merawen Playthrough

    In Which a New Dragonborn Arises

    Since I wasn’t in the mood to delay between my first Skyrim run ever and my next playthrough, I went ahead and fired up a brand new character last night!

    Character number two is Merawen the Dunmer. And as with Alarrah’s playthrough posts, so too with Merawen’s: all highlights and details and screenshots behind the fold!

  • Alarrah Playthrough

    In Which the Dragonborn Hunts for Fun and Profit

    No particular goal to yesterday’s Skyrim playing, really; I wanted another break from the bigger quests, and to see what I could do about building a gold reserve to go buy Proudspire Manor. Plus, I wanted to use the elven bow for a while to hunt things and refill some of my soul gems. But even though I had no particular quest-related goal, I did have a few interesting encounters!

    So what I wound up doing included:

    • Another hunting run in the plains around Whiterun
    • Encountered M’aiq the Liar
    • Encountered a jester-type character called Cicero
    • Additional smithing and potion crafting to sell stuff
    • Following up on a treasure map I’d come across to find a treasure near Riverwood
    • Killing another dragon (like you do, if you’re the Dragonborn)
  • Alarrah Playthrough

    Yeah okay Skyrim IS pretty awesome

    As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve turned into a console gamer thanks to Paul giving me a Switch!

    And I gotta say, while Animal Crossing continues to be highly entertaining, I’m getting just as much enjoyment out of playing Skyrim. I’ve been doing play by plays of my progress on both Facebook and Twitter, since multiple people are telling me they’re highly enjoying experiencing Skyrim again through my first-time eyes.

    So I’m not going to go into the play by plays here, but what I will do is talk some about overall things I’m really enjoying about the game play experience.