Alarrah Playthrough

Went up the mountain level 2, came back down again level 5

Twitter thread from May 4, 2021, in which I successfully run Bleak Falls Barrow and make it back down the mountain!

Today’s Things Accomplished in Animal Crossing: K.K. Slider made it to my island! And will do songs every Saturday, joy oh glee! And now Tom Nook’s given me access to build paths on the island as well, so now I can do additional landscaping.

11:10 PM · May 4, 2021
Today’s Things Accomplished in Skyrim: Went up the mountain level 2, came back down again level 5, by which I mean Bleak Falls Barrow _accomplished_.

11:10 PM · May 4, 2021
Lots of creepy dark corridors filled with creepy dark draugr, one very cranky and very large spider, and one bandit asshole who got what he deserved by triggering a trap after I went to the trouble of rescuing his ass from the spiderwebs.

11:11 PM · May 4, 2021
Took the Golden Claw off of him, eventually found the door it opened, AND the dragon wall with the word of power on it.

11:11 PM · May 4, 2021
(“Whoa,” said the player. “Whoa,” said the she-elf in character, as both player and character figure that that wall was something Important. ;))

11:11 PM · May 4, 2021
Returned to Riverwood to give the trader his claw back and now his sister is a lot friendlier. Elf archer Faendal is still very, very surly at me however.

11:11 PM · May 4, 2021
Next on the agenda: returning to Whiterun to give the Jarl and his wizard the Dragonstone! Which, I am advised, will trigger the next chain of Very Important Plot Events.

11:12 PM · May 4, 2021


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