Alarrah Playthrough

Today’s Things Accomplished in Skyrim

A Twitter thread from May 5, 2021, in which I finally achieve getting Alarrah to Whiterun and discovering that she’s Dragonborn!

Today’s Things Accomplished in Skyrim:

1. Went back to Whiterun to give them the Dragonstone
2. Helped them kill a dragon and I sorta kinda absorbed its dying soul? (hi there main plot line!)
3. I’m a Dragonborn say what now?!

5:49 PM · May 5, 2021
4. I’m also now a Thane of Whiterun and now I have my very own housecarl following me around
5. Hit another milestone: my very first NPC complaining about the arrow to the knee ;D
6. The Greybeards went BOOM by way of saying yo, Dragonborn, we’d like a word with you

5:50 PM · May 5, 2021
7. Dragged Lydia all the way down to Embershard Mine because I had no clue how to get to High Hrothgar
8. Finally made it to Iverstead but killed a whole bunch of bandits, wolves, sabre cats, necromancers, a bear, and an apprentice ice mage on the way

5:50 PM · May 5, 2021
9. Stumbled into Iverstead about 3am and hey this inn looks EXACTLY like the inn in Riverwood, is this a franchise or what? 😉

5:50 PM · May 5, 2021
Me: “It’s the Motel 6 of Skyrim!”
@Bacon4Birds: “We’ll leave the torch on for ya!”

6:38 PM · May 5, 2021


  1. This post was originally written on 3/16/2022, but backdated to the time of the tweet thread for organizational purposes.
  2. Post rewritten on 12/26/2022 to reconstruct the entire Twitter thread in the post body, and remove all links to Twitter.

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