Delga Playthrough

In Which Delga Acquires the Rueful Axe

Main theme of this session was Daedric questing–not only going after the Rueful Axe to satisfy Clavicus Vile, but also bringing Meridia’s beacon to her statue and beginning the quest to get Dawnbreaker!

And I’m way more interested in Dawnbreaker than the Masque, so Vile’s just going to have to wait until I cleanse Meridia’s temple for her!

(Posting this late on a Saturday but this is actually the play session for Friday the 5th.)


  • Play date: 11/5/2021
  • Session number in this run: 7
  • Headed with Lydia and Barbas off to go to Rimerock Burrow
  • But first, let’s go kill that dragon on Ancient’s Ascent
  • Cut through Helgen again to get to that
  • Got ahead of Lydia and Barbas, and fought a flame atronach; oh hey good another fire salt
  • Found Bonechill Passage; killed a snow bear in there (after two tries)
  • Came out other side by Ancient’s Ascent
  • Killed dragon with my greatsword! But got overloaded from dragon bits and loot
  • Went back through Bonechill to get back to Falkreath
  • Climbed down mountainside to a river I hadn’t seen before
  • Mined a corundum vein
  • Tromped slowly into Falkreath
  • Stopped at the forge
  • Heh, was able to do Lod’s “dog was more trouble than he was worth” followup even though I’m not really done with the quest yet, and Barbas is right there
  • Sold Lod some of the loot I picked up
  • Also made leather with all the pelts except the bear ones, and then made armor out of the leather and sold that to Lod; that got me unburdened
  • Went into the inn to rent a room for the night
  • Went to see Nenya to get the bounty payment
  • Oh hey she has an enchanter; destroyed three items to get new enchantments, a couple of daggers and Novice Robes of Conjuration
  • Leveled up to 17; took a perk on Enchanting tree, imma need that later
  • Got the bounty payment \0/
  • Went to go get Runil’s journal and help hunter Valdr since both quests were at Moss Mother Cavern; cleared the place and got another couple of bear pelts while I was at it
  • Returned to Falkreath; gave Runil his journal back
  • Sold assorted things to Solaf at Gray Pine Goods
  • Headed out again to go to Rimerock Burrow
  • Met a hostile Redguard who called me a milk-drinker and seeemed bent on picking a fight so Lyds and I obliged him
  • Fast traveled to Whiterun to take care of dagger quest
  • Smithed a few things and sold them to Elrindir
  • Bought five rounds of One-Handed training off of Amren
  • Waited until daybreak, then made a few potions and sold them to Arcadia, then got several ingredients from her for the ingredients quests
  • Went to Hall of the Dead and dropped off Alessandra’s dagger
  • Got Andurs’ quest to retrieve his amulet from the catacombs; skeletons sorted
  • Took carriage to Solitude; only dropped at stables so haven’t technically discovered Solitude yet okay
  • Went on foot to the west
  • Realized HEY I HAVE BARBAS AND HE IS INVULNERABLE, I think this is highly relevant to my “clearing Meridia’s shrine” interests
  • However, Rimerock Burrow first
  • Passed a few Thalmor heading south while I went past the shrine; yeah, fuck you guys, I’ll be along to make your lives difficult soon enough
  • Hit the Steed Stone, whew that’s a relief
  • Onward to burrow
  • Attacked simultaneously by an ice wraith and a snowy sabre cat
  • Second ice wraith
  • Made it to Rimerock after remembering how to get to the plank bridge into the cave
  • Flame atronach guarding the entrance, YAY another fire salt
  • Barely had to swing a weapon at Sebastian Lort, Lyds took him out
  • Got the Rueful Axe and a few other loot items while in there
  • Swung back towards Meridia’s shrine
  • (Because okay Daedra dog, I got your axe, but we’re also going to do this before we return to your master, c’mon, come help me kill this necromancer)
  • Gave Meridia’s statue the beacon back
  • Got the marching orders from Meridia
  • Stopped at entrance to the ruin
  • Saved for the night


The main new thing to note here is, although I am not yet done with the quest, I was nevertheless able to report back to Lod that the dog he wanted was “more trouble than he was worth”. Which, as noted above, was pretty hilarious given that I said that while Barbas was in earshot.

(Sorry, Barbas! Nothing personal, you’re still a very good dog!)

And it’s also kind of not true anyway! Because it occurred to me while I was en route to Rimerock Burrow that Barbas is invulnerable.

Which means, given that Meridia’s temple was right there on the way, it occurred to me that Barbas might be very, very helpful in taking down Malkoran. I will be exploring this possibility with tonight’s session!

Nothing else too new to speak of in this session.

Next time

Dawnbreaker, here I come. 😀

So far, with two full runs behind me, I feel like getting Dawnbreaker is kind of the first major milestone in terms of my character’s overall badassery. No matter what kind of character I’m playing, really, or what else I have going on in terms of quest. Because once I have Dawnbreaker, I’m a lot more effective against the undead.

We’ll see if that holds true this time with Delga as well!


Editing to add

  • 11/18/2023: Fixed missing gallery, and added play date and session number markers.

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