• Shenner Playthrough

    In Which Shenner Foils an Assassination and Gains New Houses

    This, I think, is the first Shenner session where I had major new action with content out of the Anniversary Edition. So given that unlike most of Skyrim, this is actually dealing with new content, be mindful of that if you care about spoilers and think you might actually want to play the AE at some point!

    Non-spoiler summary: foiled an assassination attempt on the Jarl of Whiterun and got a very tasty new bow for my trouble. And picked up a new house after answering the challenge sent me by its owner!

  • Faanshi Playthrough

    In Which Faanshi Acquires Dawnbreaker and Returns a Dog to His Master

    In keeping with the tradition set up by previous playthroughs, I ran A Daedra’s Best Friend pretty much simultaneously with The Break of Dawn in this session–which let me, yet again, have the Daedra dog Barbas on hand to help me run Kilkreath and get Dawnbreaker. I continue to have no fucks to give about either the Rueful Axe or the Masque of Clavicus Vile, but oh boy howdy do I have fucks to give about Dawnbreaker! And Barbas continues to be helpful in getting it.

  • Dawnguard,  Delga Playthrough

    In Which Delga Rescues a Vampire and Searches for a Moth Priest

    Primary goal of this session was moving the Dawnguard plot further along, from the point where I rescue Serana to the point where she and I are looking for the Moth Priest.

    With a side helping of killing a whole bunch of dragons, getting issues with the Standing Stones sorted, and selling and stashing stuff in Whiterun!

    (This post is going up on Thursday 12/23, but this is actually for the play session done on Tuesday 12/21.)

  • Delga Playthrough

    In Which Delga Acquires the Rueful Axe

    Main theme of this session was Daedric questing–not only going after the Rueful Axe to satisfy Clavicus Vile, but also bringing Meridia’s beacon to her statue and beginning the quest to get Dawnbreaker!

    And I’m way more interested in Dawnbreaker than the Masque, so Vile’s just going to have to wait until I cleanse Meridia’s temple for her!

    (Posting this late on a Saturday but this is actually the play session for Friday the 5th.)

  • Alarrah Playthrough

    Adventures in Skyrim Up Till Now

    I’ve been posting play by play updates of my adventures in Skyrim, a thing that folks are telling me on both Twitter and Facebook that they enjoy reading. It has, however, occurred to me that it might actually be nice to post that stuff to the blog! Not only for the sake of new actual content, but also for the sake of anybody who actually reads my blog (or the Dreamwidth mirror), and who might be entertained by my Skyrim adventures.

    I’m not going to re-post all the play by plays up to this point, just because redoing them is work I don’t feel like doing. But to bring everybody who doesn’t follow me on social media up to speed, here’s where I am in the game so far. (And while this is primarily a summary of in-game activity, I’m also throwing in periodic in-character commentary, just because this is so immersive a game that it really does feel like my old MUSHing days.)

    Lots of gaming geekery behind the fold!

    Alarrah the Wood-Elf is now level 21, and has established herself as a Thane of Whiterun, with her loyal housecarl Lydia tromping with her all over the countryside killing assorted dragons, bandits, undead, and other beasties; righting assorted wrongs; and just generally collecting a lot of shiny loot while the Skyrim Civil War builds around her.