Delga Playthrough,  Dragonborn

In Which Delga Defeats an Undead General and Foils an Assassination

This post is for Skyrim play done while my house internet was down, and I posted a Dreamwidth version of this post over here.

This is the play session done for the wee hours of the morning of Sunday 1/8, in which I took out the undead General Falx Carius at Fort Frostmoth, helped the Redoran Guard slay a Revered Dragon, and then foiled an assassination attempt against Raven Rock’s leader, Councilor Morvayn! Which won me the right to take over Severin Manor.


  • Play date: 1/8/2022
  • Session number in this run: 70
  • Overloaded, so stashed a bunch of stuff in the barrel on the top floor of the abandoned building at the edge of Raven Rock
  • Headed off to Fort Frostmoth with Calder
  • Cleared the place–and Calder actually killed the General!
  • Got all the loot and Arvak’d back to Raven Rock–only to have a Revered Dragon show up!
  • Tried to shoot at it, then it landed out of my shooting range, because overloaded
  • It went temporarily out of guard range while healing
  • Then I spotted the captain and reported to him about General Carius
  • Then the dragon woke up again while I was having that conversation–so while I was getting the followup request to go talk to the Second Councilor, the Redoran Guard killed the dragon
  • Tried to get to it to at least absorb its soul, but Miraak sniped it
  • Okay FINE onward with plan of finding out what Adril Arano wants
  • And also selling things! Sold things, then went to talk to Arano re: the assassination attempt
  • Talked to Geldis to get the tip about waiting in the tomb
  • HI TILISU! Gosh I wonder why you’re in this tomb! I will leave you alone to do this perfectly innocent offering for a house you are TOTES not actually a secret member of
  • Returned to report to Arano re: Tilisu–in the market, in visual range of Mirri, lolololol
  • But got him to give me the key to go enter Severin Manor and look for evidence
  • And all of a sudden Mirri and Tilisu were on the bottom floor so Calder and I fought them there
  • Returned to Arano to report
  • Urged to go report to Ashfallow Citadel to help take down the assassins
  • Wood elf skooma addict near Old Attius Farm
  • Stopped at Kolbjorn Barrow to go ahead and start that plot
  • Gave Ralis his initial 1000 gold
  • Headed towards Ashfallow Citadel
  • Three ash hoppers
  • Cryomancer vs. pyromancer, cryomancer won, Calder and I took him out
  • Did not however find the vanquished pyromancer? Oh well
  • Calder also killed a fourth ash hopper while we were taking out the cryomancer
  • Proceeded to Ashfallow Citadel and cleared the place
  • Leveled up to 64 opening the last strongbox just before getting out of the citadel; reactivated Ebony Smithing
  • Overloaded when I got out of there, but not so much that i couldn’t quaff an Elixir of Strength to fast travel back to Raven Rock
  • Reported in to the Second Councilor to let him know what had happened
  • Was presented to Councilor Morvayn
  • Yay! I’m a citizen! And I get to claim Severin Manor!
  • Good, because I gotta lotta stuff to stash 😀
  • Retrieved stash out of abandoned building
  • Settled in to take over Severin Manor
  • Moved Mirri and Tilisu’s bodies up to the left of the door out of the way
  • Sold a few more things to Glover and Fethis, then returned to Severin Manor
  • Saved for the night


The highlights here might lead you to believe this was a short session. It was not, not really! It’s just that it covered ground I’m familiar with at this point (Fort Frostmoth and the assassin plot), so I’m not recapping that in huge detail with this post.

I will however talk about a couple of the fun things that stood out.

The Revered Dragon attack was notable partly because of the pause between fighting, which led to round two of the fight happening exactly while I was talking to Captain Veleth to start the assassin plot! Plus, I was overloaded and unable to reach the dragon in time to kill it anyway.

So I missed out on the chance to get a killing blow in on the dragon myself. And I missed out on the chance to nab its soul, just because Miraak sniped that! I did at least made it to the corpse to loot it and get the bones, anyway.

The second thing I’ll touch on is the importance of finding a stash spot in Raven Rock before you get Severin Manor! Your options for safe stash points are kind of limited, and you need to make sure that any spot you choose that actually respawns is one you can quickly get back to in a hurry.

For me, that meant “nothing outside Raven Rock proper”. With Merawen, I’d opted to just chuck stuff into the urn right by Severin Manor’s front door. With Delga, I chose the abandoned house that the town beggars have been squatting in, and which they officially reside in later on once you cleanse all the stones. There’s a barrel on the upper floor of that house that serves well enough as a stash point as long as you don’t leave your stuff there too long.

Which is entirely why I wanted to get the assassination plot out of the way, just so that I could take over Severin Manor and have a place to put my stuff! Because the thing about Solstheim is, once you’re there, you’re probably going to be high enough level that the loot you find is going to be fairly extensive. By which I mean expensive. And also heavy. And hard to carry.

So definitely important to do that assassination plot, just so you can get the house. Good thing I like the plot!

And oh yeah: leveled up to 64, which reminded me as I write this that I forgot to note when I leveled up to 63. That happened during the run through Bloodskal Barrow, and that got me to the point of being able to activate the Extra Effect perk for doing double enchantments!

And when I leveled up to 64, I reactivated Ebony Smithing. Fuck yeah, ability to smith stalhrim, let’s do this!

Lastly: I didn’t play Sunday night, so the next post I put up should be current.

Next time

Now that I have Severin Manor I’m in a good place to proceed with the next parts of the Dragonborn plot! I feel a visit to Tel Mithryn coming on!


Editing to add

  • 11/20/2023: Restored missing gallery, and added play date and session number markers.

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